Ranking the QBs in the 2013 NFL Draft

If your team needs a QB of the future right now, man did you pick a bad year! Since I’ve been writing about the NFL Draft, this ties the 2009 Draft (when Stafford and Sanchez came out) as the worst draft for QBs.

And this is also a bad year to try to figure out what teams are going to do about their QBs. Rankings of this class are all over the place and only one guy is generally showing up on all top-five lists: Geno Smith. But even he’s not a sure thing. And he’s not even the top QB on my list, either.

This year, the top QBs in my rankings are Matt Barkley and Geno Smith. Of the two, I see Barkley having the better NFL career (think a slightly better version of Mark Sanchez). Geno Smith, though he has a very high bust quotient, also has some good NFL qualities about him — especially his athleticism, mobility, and touch.

Though the 2013 Draft is very poor at the top, the quality of the class is helped slightly by the fact that there are a few more second-level guys than there were in 2009. Guys like Tyler Bray, EJ Manuel, Mike Glennon and Ryan Nassib. Each of these could make a solid backup and potential starter in the league, with Bray and Manuel the best of this second tier.

Behind them, you have maybe seven or eight QBs who will likely bounce around at the bottom of depth charts and practice squads for a while but who will likely never start a game.

Here are my rankings. Note that detailed scouting reports will be uploaded soon. Hopefully. If real life doesn’t interfere.

Rankings as of 4/12/2013

  1. Matt Barkley, Southern California
  2. Geno Smith, West Virginia
  3. Tyler Bray, Tennessee
  4. EJ Manuel, Florida State
  5. Mike Glennon, North Carolina State
  6. Ryan Nassib, Syracuse
  7. Landry Jones, Oklahoma
  8. Matt Scott, Arizona
  9. Zac Dysert, Miami (Ohio)
  10. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas
  11. Alex Carder, Western Michigan
  12. Brad Sorensen, Southern Utah
  13. Jordan Rodgers, Vanderbilt
  14. Ryan Griffin, Tulane
  15. Collin Klein, Kansas State
  16. Jeff Tuel, Washington State
  17. Colby Cameron, Louisiana Tech
  18. Ryan Aplin, Arkansas State
  19. Seth Doege, Texas Tech
  20. James Vandenberg, Iowa
  21. Robert Marve, Purdue
  22. Nathan Stanley, Southeast Louisiana
  23. Dayne Crist, Kansas
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