QB Matt Scott, Arizona

Adequate size. Average hand size. Short arms.

Positives: Adequate accuracy on timing routes and on the run. Above-average velocity and adequate arm strength. Knows when to throw ball away. Athleticism is his strong suit — likes to run and has very good speed and quickness for the position. Finishes runs strong.

Negatives: May take a while to adjust to pro offense. Comes from a spread system, and, though he is a fifth-year senior, he doesn’t have much starting experience. Often makes poor decisions and throws across his body on the run. Late recognition and also hesitates to make tough throws. Inconsistent mechanics. Needs to learn to vary velocity — tends to throw too hard on short passes. Eyeballs receivers consistently. Below-average deep accuracy.

Projection: Round 3. Is athletic and has some throwing ability, which is a good combo to have in today’s NFL, but he has the same problem a lot of QBs in this draft class have — poor decision making and doesn’t read defenses well. But some of that might clear up with more starting experience. Best-case scenario, he’s Ryan Tannehill. He’s probably nearly as good as a few of the guys I’ve rated above him — he just hasn’t had a chance to show it. Unfortunately, we won’t know until he hits the field again. Draft late based on upside and hope to be surprised.

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