2010 NFL Draft WR Rankings, 21-271

  1. Chris McGaha: FA. Ariz. St.: Average size and speed. Very good quickness, athleticism, and upper-body strength. Said to have excellent hands, though he didn’t look like a natural receiver at the Combine. Also didn’t look very smooth running. Invisible during bowl game. Was chosen for Senior Bowl, but withdrew. Have not seen enough on him. Recently had Lasik surgery. Excellent lower-body power. Signed as FA by Jaguars in May, but waived in July. (FA)
  2. Michael Moore: Lions, UDFA. Ga.: Good vision and field awareness. Very polished. Good after-catch moves. Good athleticism. Very good upper-body strength. Good track speed but average field speed. Willing blocker. Good route runner who gets good separation. Should displace Derrick Williams as #4 WR right away, and has #2 potential with only Burleson and Bryant Johnson between. (FA)
  3. Damola Adeniji: Raiders, FA. Ore. St.: Great size. Very good hands and good speed. Productive in bowl game. Strong and doesn’t go down with first contact. Was signed by Buccaneers, but cut in mid-May. Signed by Raiders in June and will battle for 5th or 6th spot on team.
  4. David Nelson: Bills, UDFA. Fla.: Very tall, but could add a little bulk. Good speed for the size. Tough to bring down. Athletic and quick. Clutch receiver who was Tebow’s go-to guy a lot of times in SEC title game. Fights for ball and adjusts well, using size. Good hands. Will fight Donald Jones and Naaman Roosevelt for last WR position, and should win. (FA)
  5. Seyi Ajirotutu: Chargers, UDFA. Fresno St.: Very good size, but was invisible during bowl game. Average speed. In Shrine Game practices, caught well outside of frame and had good speed and after-catch moves. Showed coachability. Performed well in red-zone drills. Nice verticals and concentration over the middle. Suddenly has fairly open depth chart ahead of him, and may be #4 WR on team, but likely never more than a #3. Will battle Jeremy Williams for spot, and should win. (FA)
  6. Armanti Edwards: Panthers, 3rd round. Appalachian St.: Small, run-first QB who will switch to WR in pros. Has moves and track speed of a WR. Above-average athleticism. Below-average upper-body strength. Good quickness and fair change-of-direction ability. Durability issues. Has potential as Wildcat QB and 3rd WR, but not very fantasy relevant. Could compete with Goodson for slot WR spot. (6)
  7. Scott Long: 49ers, UDFA. Louisville: Very good track speed, athleticism, and quickness. Good size. In Texas vs. Nation practice, showed good route-running ability and seemed polished. Average tracking ability. OK sideline control. Adjusts well to ball, but short-armed it over the middle. Battling Hodge and Kyle Williams for last WR spot. Likely never more than a #4 WR on team. (FA)
  8. Jeremy Williams: Chargers, UDFA. Tulane: Average size. In Senior Bowl practices, was solid blocker. Bobbled some passes but showed crisp routes and good separation ability. Above-average track speed. Fumbled in Senior Bowl practice drills. Runs under control. Will battle Ajirotutu for #4 WR spot, but will probably be #5. (7)
  9. Kerry Meier: Falcons, 5th round. Kan.: Good size, speed and quickness for the size. Former QB. In Shrine Game practices, showed adequate speed and explosiveness. Ran good routes and presented a big target. Nimble feet and sideline awareness, but needs to fix footwork on some routes. Strong hands and held onto football even after big hits in practice. In game, though, dropped a big pass. Invited to Combine as a FB, but has lined up at WR on Falcons in minicamps, where he impressed. Versatile, and this may help him stick on team.
  10. Alric Arnett: Broncos, UDFA. W.V.: Good height, but a little skinny. Average speed, but great quickness. Inconsistent hands. Showed quick release and burst off line in Shrine Game practices, but didn’t move smoothly out of route breaks. Seemed smoother in game, though. Showed concentration on off-target passes. Willing blocker. Thomas, Royal, Decker and Stokley are ahead of him on depth chart, so not likely to be fantasy relevant any time soon.
  11. Jared Perry: 49ers, UDFA. Mo.: Lanky build. Fights for ball, but has very inconsistent hands that seem to look better in practices than in pressure situations. Hands were iffy in bowl game, then they looked better in Texas vs. Nation practice. Then in the Texas vs. the Nation game, he high-pointed but bobbled a pass. Showed quickness and good body control on the sidelines. Nice downfield blocker. Will battle Kyle Williams, Hodge, and Long for 5th WR spot. Likely destined for practice squad.
  12. David Gettis: Panthers, 6th round. Baylor: Great size, big hands and good speed for the size. In Texas vs. Nation practice, ran good routes and showed good double moves. Showed good hands when he actually uses them, but he body-catches too much. Didn’t show good body control. Uses size well to shield defenders. Invisible in game. Will battle Oliver Young for 3rd WR spot, and should win. Has potential fantasy relevance on receiver-starved team.
  13. Marc Mariani: Titans, 7th round. Montana: Average size. Tough receiver who seems slow on the field, but has average track speed. Average athleticism. Below-average upper-body strength. Has returner skills. Good concentration and hands in traffic. Uncoverable in D1 Championship. Is a willing blocker. Will battle Sewell for 5th WR spot on team, and should make it. Not fantasy relevant behind Britt, Williams, Gage, and Washington.
  14. Zurial “Jeff” Moturi: Packers, UDFA. Tex.-El Paso: Slightly below-average size. Very good speed and quickness. Average athleticism. Good upper-body strength. Runs under control and gives good effort. Uses quickness to get good separation. Very good hands. Has returner experience. In game, showed good balance. Could stick as 5th WR, but not likely to be fantasy relevant with so many WRs ahead of him on depth chart.
  15. Chastin West: Packers, UDFA. Fresno St.: Above-average size. Below-average speed and athleticism. Invisible during bowl game. In Texas vs. Nation practice, showed good verticals and some quickness getting out of routes. In game, caught well with full arm extension. Will compete with Moturi for last spots on team.
  16. Trindon Holliday: Texans, 6th round. LSU: Very undersized. WR/KR/RB type all-purpose player who is expected to be mostly a returner and backup WR. Ultra-quick change of direction. Not very strong — easy to bring down. In Texas vs. the Nation practice, showed slightly inconsistent hands. Quickness to run nice routes, and has incredibly fast track speed, but doesn’t seem fast off the line in pads. Good sideline body control. Needs work on ball security. Probably best served as return specialist in NFL and occasional 3rd-down back. Makes smart decisions as returner. Nice balance. Showed good concentration on passes. Will compete with Jacoby Jones for returner job, and may be kept as Slaton’s backup, but not likely to make much of a splash. Possible practice-squad player.
  17. Leroy Vann: 49ers, UDFA. Fla. A&M: Undersized. Explosive returner who mostly played CB in college. Returned punt for TD in HBCU game, but that was against players who don’t play special teams so much. Still, he was very successful at it in college, with 5-6 return TDs in all. Average upper-body strength. Above-average athleticism. Will compete with Ginn for returner job. If he doesn’t win that competition, he will likely be cut.
  18. Brandon Banks: Redskins, UDFA. Kan. St.: Very small size. Though fairly productive as WR in college, likely to be a returner in pros, and he had 4 TDs in 2009.
  19. Shea “Shay” Hodge: Redskins, UDFA. Miss.: Average size, speed and acceleration. Pretty quick, though, and uses that to run crisp routes and beat press coverage. Suspect hands and game situation awareness. In Senior Bowl practices, showed ability to track passes over his shoulder and head. Was in 49ers camp as FA tryout, but signed by Redskins in mid-May. Will battle for 5th WR spot, but likely never fantasy relevant.
  20. Andrew Brewer: Patriots, FA Tryout. Northwestern: Great effort guy with great hands. Good size and nice acceleration. Good speed for the size. Above-average athleticism and upper-body strength.
  21. Marquis Hamilton: Vikings, UDFA. Iowa St.: Tough to bring down. Built large like an H-back, but has quick feet. Can make the circus catch.
  22. Preston Parker: Buccaneers, UDFA. N. Ala.: Good quickness. Slightly below-average size and speed. Below-average athleticism. In Texas vs. Nation practice, was out with an injury day 2. Played in game and showed inconsistent hands. Has experience as a returner. Rounds off routes. Has had several legal troubles. Not likely to make the team except as last WR or practice squad.
  23. Donald Jones: Bills, UDFA. Youngstown St.: Average size. Late addition to Senior Bowl, but didn’t show much. In Texas vs. Nation practice, didn’t show soft hands. Did show good sideline awareness and body control, but ran mediocre routes. Invisible in game. Competing with Easley, Roosevelt, and Nelson for spots, but there are plenty of spots to go around on this team. Still, not likely to make the team.
  24. Kevin Jurovich: 49ers, UDFA. San Jose St.: Slightly below-average size. Good speed, quickness, and athleticism. Said to have good hands and run crisp routes. In Texas vs. Nation practice, was injured first day. Will never be fantasy relevant on this team.Signed and waived by Eagles, then picked up by 49ers in August.
  25. Kyle Williams: 49ers, 6th round. Ariz. St.: Below-average size. Has small hands, but they seemed fluid at the Combine. Needs work on tracking. In Texas vs. the Nation practices, showed good polish, speed, routes and agility. Invisible in TvN game. Has baseball option. Son of Kenny Williams, GM of the White Sox. Battling Jared Perry, Shay Hodge and Kyle Williams for last WR spot. Likely never more than a #4 WR on team.
  26. Verran Tucker: Chiefs, UDFA. Cal: Good size, but thin lower body. Good acceleration. Average speed. Above-average athleticism. Below-average upper-body strength. Showed he can take a hit, having good concentration. In Shrine Game practices, showed good hands and route-running ability, though lacked body control. Hurt a hamstring the third day and didn’t play in the game. Signed as UDFA in May, but released in late July and signed by KC.
  27. Naaman Roosevelt: Bills, UDFA. Buffalo: In Shrine Game practices, showed below-average burst and separation off line. Routes aren’t crisp — almost resulted in INT in Shrine Game. Adequate hands and catches with body too often. Inconsistent concentration. Showed good double moves and speed later in week, but ran a 4.6 at his pro day. Average athleticism and upper-body strength. Seems to fall down at first hint of contact. Will fight Donald Jones, Easley and Naaman Roosevelt for #2WR position , but there are plenty of spots to go around on this team. Still, not likely to make the team.
  28. Stephen Williams: Cardinals, UDFA. Toledo: Great size and very good track speed. In Texas vs. Nation practice, had good and strong hands. Not known for running good routes, but this is improving greatly. Poor body control and tracking ability. Invisible in game. Should compete for 4th WR spot, but should stick no matter what. Not fantasy relevant yet, but may be by 2012.
  29. Greg Bolling: Wyo.: Tough receiver with good speed. Presents good red-zone target. (FA)
  30. Gerald Baptiste: S. Miss.: Possession receiver with average size. Good speed. Good change of direction. Good hands in traffic. Saints have shown interest.
  31. Juamorris Stewart: FA. Southern: Average size. Gives good effort. Good hands and smooth moves, but below-average routes. Very good sideline foot control and is tough to bring down. Signed as UDFA by Cardinals, but released in mid-July.
  32. Terrence Austin: Redskins, 7th round. UCLA: Good returner skills. Below-average size and slight frame. Very good speed. Average acceleration, but very quick moves. Easy to bring down. Runs upright, but has good sideline foot control. Replaced Verran Tucker in Shrine Game mid-week. Should compete for returner job, and may stick as 5th WR.
  33. Nyan Boateng: Giants, UDFA. Cal.: Average size. Below-average speed. Average athleticism and upper-body strength. Invisible during bowl game. Has had several legal troubles and was kicked off Florida’s team before transferring to California. Tried out for 49ers and Giants in spring. Signed by Giants early in training camp.
  34. Tony “Trey” Stross: Texans, UDFA. Iowa: Injured late in season, and barely played in bowl game, though was leading receiver during season. Injury-prone throughout career. Runs good routes and shows good feel for the 1st-down marker. UDFA for Texans, but put on IR in mid June.
  35. Derrick Townsel: Jaguars, UDFA. Murray St.: Tried out for Redskins and Texans, but was signed by neither. Signed by Jaguars in early August.
  36. Chris McClover: Mid. Tenn. St.: Great size and good speed and quickness for his size. Tough. Good vision. Hands may be average
  37. Kelton Tindal: FA. Newberry: Great size and speed. A little thin. In Texas vs. Nation practice, showed great burst off the line. Not a strong over-the-middle receiver. May not be experienced running routes. In game, showed ability to adjust to passes and catch them cleanly. Catches well away from frame. Good concentration. Was signed by Vikings in May, but waived later in the month.
  38. Rod Owens: FA. Fla. St.: Average height, but a little slim. Not afraid to go over the middle. Doesn’t let ball get through hands. Signed by Rams as UDFA but let go in late May.
  39. Patrick Simonds: FA. Colgate: Very tall and solidly built receiver. Almost H-back size and game. Good upper-body strength. Has quickness to run crisp routes and find holes in zones. Nice body positioning and concentration on jump ball. Not easy to bring down. Gets a little lazy sometimes. Below-average WR speed and average athleticism. In Shrine Game practices, dropped several passes and showed poor separation. Was in Eagles camp, but waived in June.
  40. Terrell Hudgins: Cowboys, UDFA. Elon: Good height for the position. H-back size. Was the most productive WR in Div-I history in 2009. Could stick as 5th WR, but has a crowded depth chart ahead of him.
  41. Patrick Honeycutt: Broncos, UDFA. Mid. Tenn. St.: Average speed and quickness. Good hands and effort. Very crowded depth chart, and likely won’t make team.
  42. Max Komar: Cardinals, UDFA. Idaho: Thick build, but not very physical. Uses quickness and acceleration to beat jams. Terrible hands during bowl game — dropped at least 5 passes. Not NFL caliber.
  43. Rocky Ross: FA. Cent. Fla.: Average speed and acceleration. Good hands. Tough — good concentration in traffic. Can take a hit. Tried out for Jaguars but wasn’t signed. Signed with Florida of UFL but retired in mid-August.
  44. Marcel Thompson: FA. Lindenwood: Great size and adequate speed. Good athleticism. Average upper-body strength. Invisible at NAIA Championship game. Was on Chargers, but waived in June when they signed Josh Reed.
  45. Marcus Lewis: N. Ill.: Good size, but can be overpowered by CB because he doesn’t have great balance. Long arms and catches with hands, not body. Able to take a hit.
  46. Bryan Anderson: FA. Cent. Mich.: Great size. Quick feet and good route-running. NCAA record for most consecutive games with a catch. Needs to work more on getting away from the jam. Average speed. Inconsistent hands. Waived by Patriots in June.
  47. Ryan Christian: TCU: Also plays WR, and may be better suited to that. Slightly below-average size. Great acceleration and quickness. Good hands.
  48. Andrew Davis: Troy: Undersized receiver with good hands. OK route runner and average speed.
  49. Chris Wright: Bowling Green: Good hands, and seems to dive for everything — maybe his QB was off, or maybe he just loses concentration. Good after-catch moves
  50. Thomas Harris: Ala. A&M: Average size and speed. Tough to bring down. 2009 All-SWAC Preseason First Team. Productive in college.
  51. Rudy Fleming: Lindenwood: Average size. Good quickness and very good hands and concentration. Productive after the catch.
  52. Desmond Gee: Mid. Tenn. St.: Good returner and special-teamer. Quick and fairly fast with good hands. Nimble, with good escapability.
  53. Chris Bell: FA. Norfolk St.: Good size and average speed. Was in Saints minicamp, but cut mid-May.
  54. Armon Binns: Cincinnati: Has size to make good red zone target, and has long arms and great body control. Able to make the circus catch.
  55. Brett Hamlin: Buffalo: Average size but looks a little thin. Above-average athleticism and average track speed. In Texas vs. Nation practice, showed body-catching habit, and his routes aren’t crisp.
  56. Michael Hicks: Tenn.-Martin: Came in on Friday of Senior Bowl practice week as injury replacement. Short-armed a screen pass when under some pressure — afraid of contact?
  57. Antonio Robinson: FA. Nicholls St.: Slightly below-average size. Average speed and athleticism. Signed by Bears after draft, but waived in mid-August.
  58. Johnny Spevak: Cent. Wash.: Good size. In Cactus Bowl, showed very good body control and strength. Average athleticism and upper-body strength. Hands were pretty good, though he showed a couple of lapses in concentration.
  59. Antonio Dejarnett: Alcorn St.: Good speed and effort. Was go-to guy in HBCU game
  60. Johnathan Haggerty: SW Okla. St.: Three receptions for 46 yards at ECB.
  61. Reggie Smith: Elizabeth City St.: Average speed and slightly below-average height. All-CIAA First Team 2009. Tough to bring down. Good over middle. PR in Cactus Bowl.
  62. Oliver Young: Panthers, UDFA. S. Car. St.: Average size and speed. All-MEAC Second Team in 2008. Good hands and concentration. Tough. Average speed and quickness with average size. Could stick as 5th WR and will battle Gettis for that spot. Wide-ope depth chart gives him potential fantasy relevance.
  63. Rich Gunnell: Chiefs, UDFA. B.C.: Good speed and quick feet. OK hands. Slightly below-average size. Will compete with Menelik Holt and Jeremy Horne for 5th WR spot, but likely never more than #4.
  64. Jamar Bryant: Buccaneers, UDFA. E. Car.: Good size and physicality. Blocks well. Inconsistent hands. Competing with Preston Parker for potential last WR spot. Could win, but never fantasy relevant.
  65. Brandyn Harvey: Falcons, UDFA. Villanova: Good blocker and great size. Very good athleticism. Adequate speed for the size. Invisible during D1 Championship.
  66. Damon McDaniel: Jets, FA Tryout. Hampton (Va.): Average size and speed. Played at Fla. St. for two years before transferring. Very good return skills. Friend of Percy Harvin. No stats in ECB game. Only 1 catch in HBCU game, but showed good hands. May stick as last WR, but more likely a practice-squad candidate.
  67. Victor Cruz: Giants, UDFA. Mass.: Good speed and athleticism. Average upper-body strength. Below-average size. Training camp fodder.
  68. Montez Billings: Saints, UDFA. Auburn: Good height, but thin build. Invisible or did not play during bowl game.
  69. Duke Calhoun: Giants, UDFA. Memphis: Good size, speed, athleticism, and upper-body strength. Reportedly looked good at pro day. Very stacked depth chart ahead of him, and probably won’t make this team, but may make a practice squad.
  70. Tim Brown: Giants, UDFA. Rutgers: All Big East 2nd Team. Very short WR with returner skills. Fast, though not elite, speed. Uses quickness instead of strength to escape jams, since his upper body is pretty weak. Average athleticism. Good hands. Very stacked depth chart ahead of him, and probably won’t make this team, but may make a practice squad.
  71. Chris Brooks: Buccaneers, UDFA. Neb.: Good size and strength. Mostly invisible during bowl game.
  72. Zeke Markshausen: Bears, UDFA. Northwestern: Below-average size. Strong hands. Good concentration over the middle. Another good effort guy. Tried out for Bears in May and was finally signed in August.
  73. Victor James: Seahawks, UDFA. N.M.: Average size, speed, and athleticism. Good upper-body strength.
  74. London Crawford: Texans, UDFA. Ark.: Nice size, but only average quickness for his size. Has good hands and concentrates on the ball even when hit.
  75. Dominique Curry: Rams, UDFA. Cal. (Pa.)/Cheyney: In Cactus Bowl. Great size, but showed poor hands
  76. Jordan Sisco: Colts, UDFA. Regina: Average size. Above-average speed and athleticism. Below-average upper-body strength. In Shrine Game practices, showed natural hands and extension and effort. Was smooth route runner with good footwork. Invisible during game, though,
  77. Buddy Farnham: Patriots, UDFA. Brown: Below-average size and speed. Average athleticism and upper-body strength. Top-ten all-time Ivy League WR. Had Buccaneers tryout in May, was released and signed as FA by Patriots in May.
  78. Ray Small: Vikings, UDFA. Ohio St.: Below-average size. Good track speed and athleticism. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible. Training camp fodder.
  79. Ryan Wolfe: Falcons, UDFA. UNLV: Average size. Very productive college career. Average speed, athleticism and upper-body strength. Coming off of foot injury and hurt hamstring at pro day.  Training camp fodder.
  80. Trent Guy: Panthers, UDFA. Louisville: Undersized receiver with average speed and upper-body strength. Above-average athleticism and quickness. Training camp fodder.
  81. Roberto Wallace: Dolphins, UDFA. San Diego St.: Very good size, speed, athleticism and upper-body strength. Reportedly below-average hands. Training camp fodder.
  82. Steven Turner: Bears, FA Tryout. Bishops: Below-average size. Excellent speed, athleticism, quickness, and upper-body strength. May play in CFL. Seldom used in college except as a returner, where he had some success.
  83. Bakari Grant: 49ers, UDFA. Cal.-Davis: Average speed, athleticism, and upper-body strength. Said to look good at pro day.
  84. Wesley Lyons: Jets, FA Tryout. W.V.: Huge for a receiver (6’8”, 230) and would probably be able to switch to TE in NFL. Good TE speed. Reportedly tracks ball well. Willing blocker
  85. Andy Tanner: Saints, UDFA. Midwestern St. (Tex.): Invisible during ECB. Also in Cactus Bowl. Below-average size. Average speed. Crisp routes and nice hands. Shows willingness to block.
  86. Kris Durham: Ga.: Invisible during bowl game.
  87. Vidal Hazelton: Cincinnati: Good size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  88. Bo Bowling: Okla. St.: Below-average size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  89. Mike Chambers: Bengals, FA Tryout. Findlay:
  90. Justin Buckhalter: Bears, FA Tryout.
  91. Shawn Moore: Buccaneers, UDFA. Ark. Baptist:
  92. Jessie Hester: Lions, FA Tryout. S. Fla.: Average size and speed.
  93. Mike Hyman: Lions, FA Tryout. Long Beach Comm. Coll.:
  94. Chris Mitchell: Saints, FA Tryout. LSU: Average size. Either injured or did not play in bowl.
  95. Rockeed McCarter: Broncos, UDFA. JMU: Training camp fodder.
  96. Bryan Walters: Chargers, UDFA. Cornell: Training camp fodder.
  97. Jordyn Jackson: Chargers, UDFA. E. Ore.: Training camp fodder.
  98. Ernest Smith: Chargers, UDFA. Baylor: Training camp fodder.
  99. Aaron Rhea: Vikings, UDFA. Stephen F. Austin: Training camp fodder.
  100. Shawn Gore: Packers, UDFA Tryout. Bishop’s: Training camp fodder.
  101. Greg Mathews: Bears, UDFA. Mich.: Training camp fodder.
  102. Roren Thomas: Jaguars, UDFA. Lindenwood/Tenn.-Martin: Training camp fodder.
  103. Ed “EJ” Morton-Green: Packers, FA Tryout. Morgan St.: Transferred from Miami. Training camp fodder.
  104. Blue Cooper: Eagles, UDFA. Tenn.-Chattanooga: Good size. Average speed and athleticism. Training camp fodder.
  105. Phillip Kirkland: Jets, FA Tryout. Bethune-Cookman: Slightly below-average size. In HBCU Senior Game. Have not seen. Training camp fodder.
  106. Quintin Hancock: Seahawks, UDFA. Tenn.: Great size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game. Training camp fodder.
  107. Menelik Holt: Chiefs, UDFA. Neb.: Great size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game. Training camp fodder.
  108. Bobby “Sewall” Sewell: Titans, UDFA. Brown: Average size. Good speed, athleticism, and upper-body strength. Training camp fodder.
  109. Timothy Toone: Lions, Round 7. Weber St.: Below-average size. Experienced returner. Training camp fodder. Mr. Irrelevant.
  110. Marlon Moore: Dolphins, UDFA. Fresno St.: Has good returner skills, though was a little invisible on offense during bowl game.
  111. Brandon McRae: Rams, UDFA. Miss. St.: Training camp fodder.
  112. Jeremy Horne: Chiefs, UDFA. Mass.: Very good speed and athleticism. Good size, but could add some bulk. Training camp fodder.
  113. Rodelin Anthony: Ravens, UDFA. UNLV: Training camp fodder.
  114. Nick Polk: Texans, UDFA. Ind.: Training camp fodder.
  115. Mico McSwain: Titans, UDFA. N. Ala.: Training camp fodder.
  116. Richard Goodman: Chargers, UDFA. Fla. St.: Average size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  117. Landis Williams: Broncos, UDFA. Maine: 1TCAA. Vertical receiver with track background.
  118. Daryl Jones: Saints, FA Tryout. N.M.: Training camp fodder.
  119. Alfonso Greer: Cowboys, UDFA. Colo. St.:
  120. Lance Leggett: Giants, FA Tryout. Miami:
  121. DJ McAuley: Giants, FA Tryout. William & Mary:
  122. AJ Kegg: Browns, UDFA. Hillsdale Coll.:
  123. Bobby Paris: Browns, FA Tryout. Notre Dame:
  124. Nick Merchut: Bears, FA Tryout. Carthage: In D3 Senior Classic
  125. Rockeed McCarter: Broncos, FA Tryout
  126. Bobby Doyle: Navy: Thickly built like an RB. Very good hands and awareness.
  127. Ben Kuznia: Minn.: Average size. Very good hands and body control.
  128. Moe Brown: S. Car.: Average size, but above-average speed and acceleration. Runs good routes. Blocks well downfield.
  129. Jordan Wells: Wis.-Whitewater: Tough receiver with good concentration. Runs good routes. Sounds like a slot receiver.
  130. Daniel Nichols: SW Okla.: In Cactus Bowl. Good body control. Great size and concentration
  131. Justin Jarvis: B.C.: Good sideline foot control. OK hands.
  132. Edward Britton: Tex. Tech: Below-average size, but great speed. Suspect hands. Has returner skills.
  133. Sean Quintana: Air Force: Played TE in college, which helped him become a willing and able blocker. Not used as receiver in bowl game.
  134. Vic Hall: FA. Va.: Signed by Bears after draft, but waived before training camp.
  135. Adam Saur: Colo. School of Mines: In Cactus Bowl. Great size. Poor hands — two drops in Cactus Bowl. Ball gets through to body. Not planning to pursue pro career.
  136. Mike Harris: Shippensburg: In Cactus Bowl. Average size, though presents nice target to QB. Poor balance and abilities after the catch.
  137. Aiona Key: Utah: Showed good balance in bowl game.
  138. Freddie Parham: S. Miss.: Average height, but needs weight. Great speed. Mostly a return specialist. Suspect hands.
  139. Dwayne Sanders: Nev.: Showed good vision after the catch. Not quick off line and looked lazy running routes.
  140. Cornelius Williams: Troy: Average hands and speed.
  141. Chaz Rodriguez: Houston: Good size. Average speed. Inconsistent hands, though shows good effort.
  142. David Pittman: Minn.: Average size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game.
  143. Terrell Turner: Ariz.: Good size. Suspect hands.
  144. Archille Henje: Morehouse: Average speed and route-running. Suspect hands.
  145. Frantz Simeon: Ark. Tech: Had very good numbers in college, though was barely used in Cactus Bowl.
  146. Howard Morrow: Tex. A&M: Average speed. Not a hands catcher.
  147. Joel Rivera: William Paterson: Average size, but below-average speed. In D3 Senior Classic, but had no stats. Have not seen.
  148. Eldred King: Mid. Tenn. St.: Small size. Invisible during bowl game.
  149. Marcus Anderson: N.M. St.: Below-average size. Excellent verticals, quickness, and upper-body strength.
  150. Lavar Lobdell: Syracuse:
  151. Dustin Woods: Miami (OH): Below-average size. Good speed and quickness. Average upper-body strength. Bengals have shown interest.
  152. Robby Parris: Notre Dame: Good quickness and athleticism. Below-average speed.
  153. Glen Fox: So. Dakota St.: Good size, speed, and athleticism. Average upper-body strength.
  154. Scotty McGee: James Madison: Below-average size. Very good athleticism, quickness, speed, and upper-body strength.
  155. Justin Green: Vanderbilt: Ramses Barden size. H-back speed. Said to have good hands.
  156. Chris Reinart: Vanderbilt: Short, but adequate bulk. Above-average upper-body strength. Below-average speed and athleticism.
  157. Jordan Schultenover: Concordia (Minn.): Good size, speed and athleticism. Below-average upper-body strength.
  158. Jeremy Home-Murdock: Mass.: Good size, speed and athleticism. Average upper-body strength.
  159. Raimond Pendleton: Kan.:
  160. Xavier Bowman: Utah St.: Average size, speed, athleticism, and upper-body strength.
  161. Ike Whittaker: Va. Tech: Great size. Former team QB. Has battled alcoholism, poverty, and depression.
  162. Constario Johnson: Fla. Atlantic: Below-average size. Average wingspan. Average athleticism, speed, and quickness.
  163. Chris Bonner: Fla. Atlantic: Good size and big hands and wingspan. Athletic  with average strength. Below-average speed and quickness.
  164. Jamari Grant: Fla. Atlantic: Great WR size, but way too small to even be an H-back in the pros. Great wingspan. Average athleticism. Weak upper body. Below-average speed and athleticism.
  165. Theo Wilson: S. Fla.: Average speed and size.
  166. Brad Kanuch: Conn.: Average size and below-average speed.
  167. Blake Smolen: Grand Valley St.: In Cactus Bowl. Average size.
  168. Eddie Hills: W. Liberty: In Cactus Bowl. Small size.
  169. Al “AJ” Jackson: Cal. (Pa.): In Cactus Bowl. H-back size and speed. Average overall athleticism. Above-average upper-body strength. Miami, Carolina, 49ers and Jacksonville have shown interest.
  170. Brandon Harrington: Chadron St.: In Cactus Bowl. Great size and average speed.
  171. Johnnie King: SW Baptist: In Cactus Bowl
  172. Johnathan Haggerty: SW Okla. St.: Invisible during ECB
  173. Shaun Kauleinamoku: Western Ore.: Invisible during ECB
  174. Asa Lucas: Fordham: Slightly below-average size. Below-average speed and upper-body strength.. Average athleticism. Invisible during ECB.
  175. James McDonald: Glenville St. (WV): Invisible during ECB
  176. Zach Nichols: N. Mich.: Invisible during ECB
  177. Greg Raspberry: Tiffin (Ohio): Invisible during ECB
  178. Richard Boone: St. Augustine’s (N.C.): Invisible during ECB
  179. Jeremy Cody: Miles (Ala.): Invisible during ECB
  180. David Smith: Newberry (S.C.): Invisible during ECB
  181. Jacob Heinemeyer: Lakeland: In D3 Senior Classic
  182. Noah Koreman: Hartwick: In D3 Senior Classic
  183. Matt Newman: Brockport St.: In D3 Senior Classic
  184. Joel Quick: Bethel: In D3 Senior Classic
  185. Jimmie Semelsberger: Kalamazoo: In D3 Senior Classic
  186. Cody Elliott: Utica: In D3 Senior Classic
  187. George Eager: Franklin and Marshall: In D3 Senior Classic
  188. Nick Edwards: Centre: In D3 Senior Classic
  189. Mike Verbiski: King’s: In D3 Senior Classic
  190. Harry Von Kahn: Kenyon: In D3 Senior Classic
  191. Gennaro Zangarei: Wilkes: In D3 Senior Classic
  192. RJ Jackson: LSU: Average size. Either injured or did not play in bowl.
  193. Mike McCoy: Ala.:Great size, but was invisible during bowl game.
  194. Chris Gilbert: Houston: Small WR. Invisible or did not play in bowl game.
  195. Kenny Jefferson: Va. Tech.: Short, but very stocky. Invisible or did not play during bowl game.
  196. Brandon Dillard: Va. Tech.: Below-average size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game.
  197. Austin Rogers: Tenn.: Good size. Good track speed. Tore ACL in July, 2009, and missed the season.
  198. Gavin Ketchum: UCLA.: Great size. Invisible during bowl game.
  199. Calvin Wiley: Bowling Green: Invisible during bowl game.
  200. Tyrone Pronty: Bowling Green: Invisible during bowl game.
  201. Brad Posten: Ariz.: Average size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game.
  202. Adron Tennell: Okla.: Good size. Average speed. Invisible during bowl game. Cowboys have shown interest.
  203. Houston Jones: Iowa St.: Average size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game.
  204. Jason Harper: Temple.: Short. Invisible during bowl game.
  205. Dy’Onne Crudup: Temple.: Short and slight. Invisible during bowl game.
  206. Colby Erskin: S. Fla.: A little small for the position. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  207. Nathan Gilsleider: Okla. St.: Great size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  208. Jacarious Lucas: Miss.: Great height, but could add bulk. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  209. Alex Taylor: E. Car.: Great size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  210. Reyn Willis: E. Car.: Great size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  211. Reggie Fish: Ark.: Very small for the position. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  212. Lucas Miller: Ark.: Good size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  213. Oderick Turner: Pitt: Invisible during bowl game.
  214. Cedric McGee: Pitt: Invisible during bowl game.
  215. Greg Cross: Pitt: Invisible during bowl game.
  216. Courtney Edmonson: Ohio: Invisible during bowl game.
  217. TJ Atwater: Wyo.: Invisible during bowl game.
  218. Justin Willis: SMU: Invisible during bowl game.
  219. Elijah Wesson: Utah: Invisible during bowl game.
  220. Brandon Reed: Utah: Invisible during bowl game.
  221. Michael Cannon: Mid. Tenn. St.: Injury plagued. Probably calling it a career.
  222. Gregory Matthews: Mich.:
  223. Carlos Singleton: Memphis:
  224. Dion Morton: Colo. St.: Below-average size. Average speed and athleticism.
  225. Cortez Gent: Fla. Atlantic: Average size and small hands. Average athleticism and strength. Below-average speed and quickness.
  226. Harry Von Kann: Kenyon:
  227. Slick Shelley: Tulsa: Great size. Average speed and athleticism.
  228. Nathaniel Calhoun: Memphis:
  229. Chris Carter: Cal.-Davis: Recent PCL surgery.
  230. Dexter Manley: Elizabeth City St.:
  231. Richard Goodman: Fla. St.:
  232. Contrevious Parks: Stephen F. Austin:
  233. Maurice Davis: E. Wash.:
  234. Rashaun Greer: Colo. St.: Good size. Average speed, athleticism and upper-body strength.
  235. Derek McBryde: Kent St.: Slightly below-average size. Very good track speed and quickness. Good athleticism. Below-average upper-body strength.
  236. Greg Smith: Jacksonville St.: Good size and athleticism. Adequate speed and upper-body strength.
  237. Attrail Snipes: Kan. St.:
  238. Kellen Lewis: Valdosta St.:
  239. Anthony Jackson: California (PA):
  240. Aaron Boyce: E. Wash.:
  241. Aaron Valentin: Purdue: Above-average size. Has returner skills, though he has ball-security issues..
  242. Nick Sandford: San Diego St.: Good size and athleticism. Average speed.
  243. Brandon Long: Louisville:
  244. Terrence Miller: Akron:
  245. John Spevak: Cent. Wash.:
  246. Brynsen Brown: E. Wash.:
  247. Jamar Bryant: E. Car.:
  248. Eyad Salem: Ill. St.:
  249. Edwin Baptiste: Morgan St.:
  250. Brand Harrington: Chadron St.:
  251. Deryn Bowser: Cardinals, UDFA. Akron:
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