2010 NFL Draft RB Rankings, 22-176

  1. Curtis Steele: Ravens, UDFA. Memphis: Good height, but a little thin. In Texas vs. Nation practice, showed good inside running instincts and the speed to break it outside. Good balance and forward lean. Very quick feet and good stop-and-start. Runs tough. Good hands as receiver. Gets very small through the line. Fair blocker. Average track speed, athleticism and upper-body strength. In crowded backfield, and only has potential if team releases McGahee. Practice squad likely. (7)
  2. Abdul “Deji” Karim: Jaguars, 6th round. S. Ill.: A little short, but has good bulk. Built low to the ground and strong upper and lower body. Showed good balance, vision and forward lean. 4.4 speed and excellent athleticism. Strong and patient on inside runs and shows good burst. Good hands. Very productive at the I-AA level. Average quickness. Should be their 3rd RB and may even compete with Jennings for touches. (6)
  3. Shawnbrey McNeal: Chargers, UDFA. SMU: Slightly below-average height, bulk, and speed. Below-average quickness in pro day drills. Transferred from Miami after sophomore season. Reportedly good vision and elusiveness, but apparently didn’t show good moves at pro day. (7)
  4. Damion Fletcher: S. Miss.: Good height, but lacks bulk. Tough for his size. Has been a workhorse through career. Quick, with good burst through hole and strong burst in pro day drills. Average speed. Strong legs. Good receiver and has good vision. Fights for tough yardage. May be 3rd-down back. Very weak upper body.
  5. Jason Harmon: FA. Fla. Atlantic: FB size, but played TE in college. Very athletic with good wingspan. Good burst off the line and good speed. Great concentration and body control. Fights for ball. Not much of a blocker. Below-average upper-body strength. Dropped TD pass in Texas vs. the Nation game. Signed by Jaguars as UDFA but waived in early August.
  6. Javarris James: Colts, UDFA. Miami: Good height and adequate bulk. Average speed and quickness. Some durability issues. Got little going on ground in bowl game, though was effective as a receiver. In Shrine Game practices, showed versatility and instincts, as well as patience in setting up blocks inside and good burst through hole in zone blocking scheme. Was natural receiver and route runner. Runs a little upright. Showed little power or burst in Shrine Game. As cousin of Edgerrin James, has knowledge of Colts team. Could stick as 3rd RB. Minimal fantasy relevance behind Addai and Brown.
  7. Chane Moline: Raiders, UDFA. UCLA: Mike Alstott type of FB. Good runner and receiver. Battering ram with a head of steam. No burst, but has shifty feet. Good size. Nice pass blocker. Protects ball well going through hole. May be good short-yardage back at the least in NFL. Good game awareness. Will compete with Tonga and Russell for backup FB spot. May eventually take over for Lorenzo Neal as starter, but not likely to be fantasy relevant if used that way.
  8. Manase Tonga: Raiders, UDFA. BYU: Tough inside runner who keeps feet moving after contact. Good forward lean for short-yardage back. Below-average speed, but has nimble feet. Will compete with Moline and Russell for backup FB spot. Likely destined for practice squad.
  9. Darius Marshall: FA. Marshall: Slightly below-average size. Below-average track speed, quickness, and athleticism. Average upper-body strength. Invited to try out with Buccaneers in May, but wasn’t signed. (FA)
  10. Alfonso Smith: Cardinals, UDFA. Ky.: Good size. Great track speed. Above-average athleticism, but below-average quickness. Invisible during bowl game. In Texas vs. Nation practice, showed patience and good burst. Keeps legs moving after contact. Runs tough. Inconsistent hands. Balance and vision looked sub-par in game. Not much wiggle. Similar game to Beanie Wells, and should stick as 4th RB. Has fantasy relevance in time-share if Wells gets injured.
  11. Brandon James: Colts, UDFA. Fla.: Mostly a KR/PR type. Very small — maybe too small to be effective in pros except as 3rd-down back and returner. Gets up to speed quickly. Good receiver with good vision, which helps in the return game. Not likely to make team except as KR, and then only if he beats out Guice for that job.
  12. Keith Toston: Rams, UDFA. Okla. St.: Good size. Has a low center of gravity, and looks like he’d make a good short-yardage back, but he was stopped three times at goal line in bowl game. Not fast or quick, and isn’t a great blocker. Seemed easy to bring down — not many yards after contact. In Shrine Game practices, showed better quickness and speed. Good ball security, body control and balance, though he wore down toward the end of the week and in game. Could stick as 2nd RB, but not starter material.
  13. LaRon Council: Vikings, FA Tryout. NW Mo.: In Cactus Bowl, was game’s best rusher, with 55 yards on 10 attempts. Also an effective receiver, with 26 yards on 2 catches. Good stiff-arm and nice quickness to outside, though he was primarily an inside runner. Average speed, but very good vision. Strong lower body and keeps feet moving after contact. Good hands as receiver. Average upper-body strength.
  14. Brandon Minor: Bears, UDFA. Mich.: Great size. Will compete with Bell for 4th RB job. Should win.
  15. Jamie McCoy: Rams, UDFA. Tex. A&M: FB size, but played TE in college. Good speed and upper-body strength. Average athleticism. Nice hands, leaping ability and overall athleticism. Similar to Dorin Dickerson, and may end up as H-back in NFL. Good moves after catch. In Texas vs. Nation practice, danced behind line too often. In game, showed good speed and change of direction skills for his size. Willing blocker but was overpowered in short yardage. Competing with Ogbonnaya for backup FB spot. May also compete with Hoomawanaui for TE spot.
  16. Rashawn Jackson: Panthers, UDFA. Va.: Showed good hands. Below-average speed. In Senior Bowl practices, was good at blitz pickup and doesn’t let up once he locks on as blocker. Keeps legs churning in short-yardage. Shows some agility in the open field. Should be starting FB right away, and has minimal fantasy relevance on only team to use its FB in NFL.
  17. Keiland Williams: Redskins, UDFA. LSU: Very good size. Good speed. Average athleticism and upper-body strength. DNP in bowl game — injured.Had reputation for fumbling.  In middle of very crowded depth chart, and likely to be cut or placed on practice squad.
  18. Dominique Lindsay: Titans, UDFA. E. Car.: Average height, but a little thin. Average strength, quickness, acceleration, and speed. Patient, with a good burst through the hole. Always heads downfield. Has good balance. In Texas vs. Nation practice, showed good effort as receiver, though not good routes. Will battle Stafon Johnson and Blount for 3rd RB role, but will probably be 4th RB or on practice squad.
  19. AJ Cooley: Jaguars, FA Tryout. Shorter Coll./Ga. Tech: Great size. In Texas vs. Nation practice, had a problem with fumbling. Also showed little vision and quickness. In game, was a disciplined and patient runner, but isn’t creative. Shows good ball security. Adequate speed. Runs a little upright. Adequate hands. Could stick as 4th RB, but doesn’t have NFL skills.
  20. Jacob Ramsey: Bengals, FA Tryout. Cincinnati: Good size. Sets up blockers well. Seldom used. Has quick feet and good body control.
  21. Andre Anderson: Bills, FA Tryout. Tulane: In Shrine Game practices, showed little burst and vision on inside runs, though it could be that he is just ultra-patient. Had a few dropped passes. On returns, shows good downhill instincts and tough running. Below-average track speed. Average upper-body strength. Very good athleticism. Not likely to make team.
  22. Chris Gronkowski: Cowboys, UDFA. Ariz.: Good size and strength. Adequate speed and quickness for the position. Mostly invisible during bowl game. Could stick as backup FB or TE, but not likely to be fantasy relevant.
  23. Toney Baker: Broncos, UDFA. N. Car. St.: Very good athleticism. Good speed for the size. Great upper-body strength. Average height and good bulk. In Texas vs. Nation practice, wasn’t a natural receiver, though he improved in the game. Didn’t look fast or strong enough to run inside and danced too much. Slow acceleration. Also fumbled in practice. Doesn’t keep feet moving after contact. Missed 2007 and 2008 seasons. May make team as 4th RB, but never fantasy relevant.
  24. John Connor: Jets, 5th round. Ky.: Traditional FB type. Great run blocker, though he lunges too much in pass protection. Late addition to Senior Bowl. Eventual replacement for Tony Richardson, but not fantasy relevant.
  25. Dennis Morris: Redskins, 6th round. La. Tech: TE bulk and FB height. Adequate hands. Invisible in Texas vs. the Nation game. Could stick as starting FB for team, but no fantasy relevance.
  26. Cory Jackson: Chargers, UDFA. Md.: Very late addition to the Senior Bowl. Scheduled for Texas vs. Nation game, but pulled out. Will compete with Brockel and Kyle Wilson for backup FB spot.
  27. Ryan Moya: Browns, UDFA. UCLA: Invisible during bowl game. H-back size. Also plays FB. In Shrine Game, played FB and looked strong in short-yardage situations. Kept feet churning after contact. Adequate receiver, though needs to catch with hands. Locks on as run blocker.
  28. Nick Tow-Arnett: Seahawks, UDFA. Minn.: Great FB size, but too short for a TE. Suspect hands, and lets ball get to his chest too often. Signed by Cowboys as FA in May, but waived in June. Signed by Seahawks early August
  29. Christian Ducre: Saints, UDFA. Miss. St.: Good size. Very good upper-body strength. Average speed, athleticism and quickness.
  30. Quinn Porter: Packers, UDFA. Stillman: At 6’1”, may be too tall. Slight frame. Average speed. Preseason All-SIAC First Team. In HBCU Game. Could be 4th RB, but has to beat Starks.
  31. Rendrick Taylor: Buccaneers, UDFA. Clemson: Invisible during bowl game.
  32. Toddrick Pendland: Browns, FA Tryout. McNeese St.: Below-average size.
  33. Tory Harrison: Packers, UDFA. S. Miss.: Training camp fodder.
  34. DeMaundray Woolridge: Rams, UDFA. Idaho: Training camp fodder.
  35. Alex Henderson: FA. N. Ariz.: Had tryout with Rams after draft, but not signed. Drafted by Las Vegas of UFL.
  36. Chad Kackert: Jaguars, UDFA. N.H.: Training camp fodder.
  37. Aaron Higdon: Lions, FA Tryout. Charleston: Training camp fodder.
  38. Christopher Ivory: Saints, UDFA. Wash. St.: Very good size, speed, and athleticism. Transferred from Washington St. Constantly injured during college. Has stacked depth chart ahead of him, but may stick as 4th RB.
  39. Jake Sharp: Bears, FA Tryout. Kan.: Slightly below-average size. Good speed, athleticism, and upper-body strength. Hard worker.
  40. Isiaiah Greenhouse: Texans, UDFA. NW St.: Good size. Battling Corcoran for FB spot.
  41. Patrick Devenny: Seahawks, UDFA. Colo.: Good size. Average speed, athleticism, and upper-body strength. Training camp fodder.
  42. Mikell Simpson: Bengals, UDFA. Va.: Very good size. Training camp fodder.
  43. Cordera Eason: Bengals, UDFA. Miss.: Good size for the position. Good speed and athleticism. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible. Training camp fodder.
  44. Maurice Greer: Redskins, FA Tryout. Troy: Average size. A little slow. Training camp fodder.
  45. Tervaris Johnson: Chiefs, UDFA. Miami: Training camp fodder.
  46. Richard Brockel: Chargers, UDFA. Boise St.: Also plays FB. Great FB size, but too short for a TE. Invisible or did not play during bowl game. Battling Cory Jackson for backup FB spot. Training camp fodder.
  47. Joseph Tronzo: Bengals, UDFA. Louisville: Bowling ball build. Surprising athleticism. Excellent upper-body strength. Above-average speed for the size. Said to be a good blocker, but not much of a threat otherwise.
  48. Matt Clapp: Lions, UDFA. Okla.: Good FB size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game. Training camp fodder.
  49. Jack Corcoran: Texans, UDFA. Rutgers: Battling Greenhouse for backup FB spot.
  50. Jesse Rack: Jets, FA Tryout. Buffalo: Great size. Above-average athleticism.
  51. Mike Rinfrette: Packers, FA Tryout. Wake Forest: TE size. In Texas vs. the Nation game, seemed slow and has a hard time latching onto speedy defenders.
  52. Tony Nelson: Redskins, FA Tryout. Mass.:
  53. Deshawn Wynn: Giants, FA Tryout. Fla.:
  54. Tony Hunt: Giants, FA Tryout. Penn St.:
  55. Mickey Dean: Jets, FA Tryout. Ark.-Pine Bluff:
  56. Kevin Harris: FA. Wake Forest: Tried out for Bears after draft, but not signed. Will play with Florida of UFL.
  57. Anthony Cotrone: Giants, FA Tryout. Maine:
  58. Shamar Graves: Bears, FA Tryout. Rutgers: Great size for the position, and may be big enough to be TE.
  59. Brian Toal: Giants, FA Tryout. Boston Coll.:
  60. Luke Lippincott: Nev.: Great size for a HB, but too small to play FB. Very slow 4.7 speed. Very productive career as both runner and receiver. Didn’t play in bowl game. Have not seen.
  61. Tunde Ogun: Christopher Newport (VA): Very good size. Pretty good game at ECB. 14 rushes for 88 yards (6.2 YPA). Above-average speed, athleticism, quickness, and upper-body strength.
  62. Emmanuel Moody: Fla.: Good size. Not decisive to hole, but has good burst once he makes his decision. Good hands, speed, and quickness.
  63. Keithon Flemming: FA. W. Tex. A&M: Good stop-and-start. Runs tougher than his average size. In Texas vs. Nation practice, ran smoothly and showed ability to pick his way through the line. Inconsistent hands. Below-average speed and athleticism and doesn’t have a breakaway gear. Danced a little too much. Was in Eagles camp, but waived in June.
  64. Joseph Turner: TCU: Good balance. Great size. Keeps legs churning in short-yardage situations.
  65. Chris Zardas: FA. Mass.: Great FB size. Showed some agility and comfort as a receiver. Adequate speed for the position. Was in Eagles camp, but waived in June.
  66. Ben Stallings: FA. Lambuth: Good size. Said to be a reliable receiver and very good blocker. Signed as FA by Jaguars in May, but waived in July.
  67. DeVan James: Morgan St.: Average size and speed. All-MEAC First Team in 2008. North-south runner with good body lean and balance. Not a great receiver.
  68. Carlos Brown: FA. Mich: Was signed as UDFA by Saints, but cut in late May.
  69. Michael Smith: Ark.: DNP in bowl. Undersized, but shows toughness. Great speed.
  70. Chris Garrett: Ohio: Slow change of direction for his size, but nice straight-line acceleration and speed. Athletic with good moves. Inconsistent hands. May be a third-down back.
  71. Jon Richardson: Gannon: In Cactus Bowl. Pretty good quickness and burst. Hits hole hard. Average size. Not a real threat to run outside, but has good vision on inside runs. Keeps legs moving once hit.
  72. Andre Jacobs: Fla. A&M: Good size. 8 for 43 yards at ECB.
  73. Jeff Smith: B.C.: Returner in bowl game, but showed nothing else.
  74. Jarome Freeman: S. Conn. St.: Tall, but lanky. Runs upright. Average speed. Fairly strong — pushes downfield after contact. Patiently picks way through line. Unproductive at ECB game. In Cactus Bowl, was East’s most effective rusher, but still only gained 24 yards on 7 rushes.
  75. Buck Wakefield: Carson-Newman: In Cactus Bowl, had 7 rushes for 16 yards. Quick feet, but only average speed. Small size. Makes nice decisions, but isn’t strong enough to keep moving downfield. Needs to protect ball better.
  76. Bobby Rome: FA. N.C.: Invisible during bowl game. Training camp fodder. Tried out for Packers, but not signed. Playing with Locomotives in UFL.
  77. Keldrick Johnson: Ouachita Baptist: In Cactus Bowl. Suspect ball security, though he switches hands well. Has good change-of-direction abilities. Average speed. Very small size for the position.
  78. Jerome Hewitt: SE Okla. St.: KR in Cactus Bowl. Tiny player with speed and quickness. Probably too small to make a pro career.
  79. Demetrice Johnson: Albany St. (GA): Average size. Tough short-yardage back. Below-average acceleration and speed. Doesn’t change direction well, and is also tentative to hit hole. In HBCU Game. Also in Cactus Bowl, where he rushed 7 times for -3 yards.
  80. JR Rogers: E. Car.: Average size and speed. Nimble feet.
  81. Daniel Porter: FA. La. Tech: Slightly below-average size, speed, and athleticism. Average upper-body strength. Was in Panthers minicamp, but waived in mid-June.
  82. Ben Guidugli: Cincinnati: Good FB size, but too small for TE in NFL. Strong lower body. Average speed. Adequate run blocker.
  83. Dan Paul : Boise St.: Great size for the position. Used as blocker mostly. Sustains blocks when he gets the chance to set up, but isn’t quick enough to lock on to defender.
  84. Brendan Mitchell: Northwestern: Good size for FB, but may also be a TE in pros. Invisible during bowl game.
  85. Brian Holley: Cal.: Nice run blocker. Also used as receiver out of backfield at Cal.
  86. Rahmod Traylor: Ala. St.: Good size. In HBCU Senior Game.
  87. Ulysses Banks: Ala. A&M: Good height, but slight frame. Slow and not very explosive.
  88. Beau Johnson: Okla. St.: Average size, speed and quickness.
  89. Justin Anderson: N. Ill.: Tough north-south runner who moves and looks like a FB. Not very quick. Protects ball well.
  90. William Ford: S. Car. St.: A little small for the position. Had Bernard Scott-like numbers in 2009. Injured and may not be able to work out for teams before draft.
  91. Kennedy Tinsley: FA. N.C.: Signed by Rams in early May but let go late May.
  92. Trevyn Smith: Weber St.: Slightly below-average size.
  93. Conte Cuttino: Stony Brook: Very good athleticism. Average size and speed. Could add some bulk. Jets and Giants have shown interest.
  94. Nick Booth: Ariz.: Very good size and speed. .
  95. James Mallory: Cent. Conn.: Smaller size. Kiper compares him to Dave Meggett. Seems like he has a good work ethic. Was also a special-teams standout, which is probably where he’ll make his mark.
  96. Quentin Castille: NW St.: Good size.
  97. John Durmon: Ark.:
  98. DaJuane Collins: Toledo: Good size with excellent upper-body strength. Average athleticism. Below-average quickness.
  99. Atiyyah Henderson: San Diego St.: Slightly below-average size.
  100. Reggie Arnold: Ark. St.: Below-average height, but good bulk. Below-average speed and quickness. Good upper-body strength.
  101. Ryan O’Bryant: Tex. A&M:
  102. JT Rogan: San Diego: Average size and speed, but good athleticism. Below-average upper-body strength.
  103. William Rose: FA. Fla. Atlantic: Good size, speed, quickness and upper-body strength for the position. Said to be a good receiver. Was in Titans camp, but waived in early August.
  104. Brandon West: W. Mich.: Average height and athleticism. Below-average bulk and speed.
  105. Rick Burgess: Fla.: Great size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  106. Asaph Scwapp: Notre Dame: Great upper-body strength. Average athleticism. Below-average speed.
  107. Ben Busbee: S. Fla.: Great size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  108. Andy Hartmann: Miss.: Good height, but bulk may be too much. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  109. Chris Bullock: Bowling Green: Bad hands
  110. Jay Thomas: Minn.: Returner with average size.
  111. Maurice Ginter: Ky.: Below-average speed. OK hands. Finds open spaces in zones. Also plays TE.
  112. Patrick Hill: Miami: Short, but thick build. Invisible during bowl game.
  113. Baron Huber: Ala.: Great size, but was invisible during bowl game.
  114. Nathan Nolin: Troy: Good size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  115. Mike Poitier: Okla.: Small size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  116. Sedrick Holloway: Fla. St.: Good FB size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  117. Jonathan Malone: Ga. Tech. Below-average size. Either injured or did not play in bowl.
  118. Andre Crenshaw: Ore.: Average size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  119. Brandon Barnett: Ark.: Below-average height, but good bulk for the position. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  120. Ryan Hale: Tex. Tech: Great size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  121. Andrew Hawken: Mich. St.: Great size. Purely a blocker.
  122. AJ Jimmerson: Mich. St.: Good size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  123. Lamar McPherson: Temple: Average height, but slight build. Invisible during bowl game.
  124. Shaun Kermah: Tenn.-Chattanooga: Invisible during ECB.
  125. Karell Law: Miles (Ala.): Invisible during ECB.
  126. LJ Flintall: Ohio: Invisible during bowl game.
  127. Kevin Morris: Ariz.: Good size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game.
  128. Kenny Lewis, Jr.: Va. Tech: Slightly below-average size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game.
  129. Ryan Taylor: N.C.: Invisible during bowl game.
  130. Kevin Bohr: Nev.: Invisible during bowl game.
  131. Howard Croom: Ore. St.: Invisible during bowl game
  132. Judd Lutz: Mount Union: Invisible during bowl game.
  133. Jim Bower: Maine Maritime: In D3 Senior Classic
  134. DeRon Brown: MIT: In D3 Senior Classic
  135. Jared Chunn: Kean: In D3 Senior Classic
  136. Pat Clasgens: Olivet: In D3 Senior Classic
  137. Ross Hasten: Austin: In D3 Senior Classic
  138. Desmond Mays: Mary Hardin-Baylor: In D3 Senior Classic
  139. William Midgette: Salisbury: In D3 Senior Classic
  140. Claude O’Connor: King’s: In D3 Senior Classic
  141. Ryne Reder: Aurora: In D3 Senior Classic
  142. Kevin Grady: Mich.: A little short, but has FB-type bulk.
  143. Terrence Blevins: E. Mich.: Great size. Drafted by Sacramento of UFL.
  144. Dan Dufrene: Ill.: Slightly below-average size.
  145. James Aldridge: Notre Dame: Good size and speed. Average upper-body strength. Changed position for senior season, and wasn’t used much.
  146. Demit Birmingham: Cent. Okla.: Good size.
  147. Jamelle Eugene: N. Car. St.: Slightly below-average size.
  148. Bobby Coy: Mesa St.: Average size.
  149. David McCarty: Albany: Good height, but could use some bulk.
  150. Ramo McElrathbey: Howard: Good height, but could use some bulk.
  151. David Sinisi: Monmouth:
  152. Jaycen Taylor: Purdue: Slightly below-average size.
  153. Jordan Paula: S. Dak. St.: TE size.
  154. William Croner: Howard:
  155. Matt Lamb: Wash. St.: Great size. Good speed and athleticism. Is an All-American discus thrower.
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