2010 NFL Draft TE Rankings, 21-81

  1. Jameson Konz: Seahawks, 7th round. Kent St.: Great size and HB speed. Ultra-athletic and very versatile. Has played LB, WR, and H-back. Will battle Baker, McCoy and Morrah for backup TE spot behind Carlson. Likely to make team, but not sure of role.
  2. Nate Byham: 49ers, 6th round. Pitt: Good size. Average speed and athleticism. Below-average upper-body strength, but is still a very good run blocker. Wasn’t used much as receiver in career, but showed good receiving ability in Shrine Game practices. Either injured or invisible during Shrine Game. With Vernon Davis on roster, will probably not be fantasy relevant, but should be their main blocking TE, and does have some receiving skill.
  3. Anthony McCoy: Seahawks, 6th round. USC: DNP in bowl. In Senior Bowl practices, showed great size and strength. Soft hands. Doesn’t show a good anchor for blocking. Reportedly failed drug test at Combine for marijuana. Will battle Baker, Konz and Morrah for backup TE spot behind Carlson. Likely to make team since Carroll was his college coach. (5)
  4. Mickey Shuler: Vikings, 7th round. Penn St.: Very good speed and excellent athleticism. Strong upper body, and, though he only has average size, he is still a good run blocker. Mostly invisible as receiver in career, but team had Quarless as their pass-catching TE. Could potentially make team as replacement for Kleinsasser, but should definitely make it as 3rd TE. Not likely to be fantasy relevant, though.
  5. Brody Eldridge: Colts, 5th round. Okla.: Good size, speed, athleticism, and upper-body strength. DNP in bowl game — injured. Has #2 TE potential behind Clark.
  6. Nathan Overbay: Broncos, UDFA. E. Wash.: Average size. In Shrine Game practices, showed good run-blocking effort and good concentration over middle. Good athleticism and straight-ahead speed to get open down seam. Below-average upper-body strength. Will compete for 3rd TE spot, and should win.
  7. Logan Paulsen: Redskins, UDFA. UCLA: Good TE size and very tough to bring down. Suspect hands. Will compete for 3rd TE spot on team, but not likely to be fantasy relevant behind Cooley and Davis.
  8. Steven Maneri: Texans, UDFA. Temple: Great size and uses it well as blocker and in red zone. Catches with hands, not body. Tough to bring down. A late addition to Texas vs. the Nation. In practice, showed a lack of speed and quickness. May have size to move to tackle in NFL, and should try to considering the crowded TE depth chart on the Texans. Not likely to be fantasy relevant if he even makes the team.
  9. Fendi Onobun: Rams, 6th round. Houston: Good height and average bulk. Very good speed and excellent quickness and overall athleticism. Below-average upper-body strength. Wasn’t used in college much and was invisible during bowl game. Had problem with drops at Rams OTAs. Will compete with Hoomanawanui for #2 TE spot on roster. May be fantasy relevant by 2011.
  10. Riar Geer: Broncos, UDFA. Colo.: Average size. Good speed. In Shrine Game practices, showed equal abilities as FB and H-back. Showed good effort for passes away from body. Nice blocker who can sustain once he locks on. Needs to get better at finding zones. Will compete with Overbay for 3rd TE spot, or may stick as FB.
  11. Steven Pfahler: Titans, UDFA. Mont.: Caught well in D1 Championship. Average speed and athleticism. Good upper-body strength. Should compete for #3 TE position on Titans. Not fantasy relevant with Scaife and Cook on team, though.
  12. Jeff Cumberland: Jets, UDFA. Ill.: Average size, but very good speed for a TE. Good athleticism and upper-body strength. Not used much at Illinois, and reportedly body-catches too much. May make it as #2 TE.
  13. Dedrick Epps: Chargers, 7th round. Miami: H-back size. Average speed and athleticism. Invisible during bowl game. In Texas vs. Nation practice, showed good blocking ability. Finds soft spot in zone and has soft hands. Out with injury day 2. Will compete with Brockel for backup TE spot and should win. Has fantasy relevance if Gates is injured.
  14. Gerald Harris: Titans, UDFA. Miss.: Average size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible. In Texas vs. Nation practice, showed willingness to go over the middle. Finds soft zones, but doesn’t adjust well to errant passes. Poor balance and agility. Adequate blocker. Below-average speed and burst. Will compete with Craig Stevens for 3rd TE spot. No fantasy relevance.
  15. Scott Sicko: Cowboys, UDFA. N.H.: Average size. Very good speed. Good athleticism and upper-body strength. Dedication to football is suspect after first refusing to sign as UDFA.
  16. Jeron Mastrud: Buccaneers, UDFA. Kan.: Average size. Recovering from right foot surgery, but was durable in college. Average athleticism. Below-average upper-body strength may limit him as a blocker. Training camp fodder.
  17. Ali Villanueva: Bengals, FA Tryout. Army: Huge size (6’9” 280 lbs.). Converted from OT before 2009 season, so should be a good blocker, though may be too tall to get blocking leverage in pros. In Shrine Game, showed soft hands and adequate speed. Willing to dive for ball.
  18. Mike Owen: Jets, FA Tryout. Syracuse: Average size. Soft hands. Not much of a blocker.
  19. T.C. Drake: Chiefs, UDFA. Ky.: Training camp fodder.
  20. Galen Stone: Browns, FA Tryout. Saginaw Valley (Mich.): Invisible during ECB. Signed with UFL’s Virginia team in 2011.
  21. Gregory Boone: Buccaneers, FA Tryout. Va. Tech: Great size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game.
  22. Craig Carey: Bears, FA Tryout. Cincinnati: Training camp fodder.
  23. Wes Mangam: Vikings, UDFA. McNeese St.: Training camp fodder.
  24. Troy Wagner: FA. Ind.: Training camp fodder. Signed by Browns as UDFA but waived in early May.
  25. Michael Palmer: Falcons, UDFA. Clemson: Average size, speed, athleticism, and upper-body strength. Training camp fodder.
  26. Jeff Cottam: Bengals, UDFA. Tenn.: Great size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game. Training camp fodder.
  27. DajLeon Farr: Cowboys, FA. Memphis: Good size. Very good speed and quickness. Transferred from Miami in 2008. Signed as UDFA by Chargers and waived. Picked up by Cowboys as training camp body in early August.
  28. Michael Caussin: Jaguars, UDFA. Jackson St.: Training camp fodder.
  29. Mitch Ryan: Giants, FA Tryout. San Diego:
  30. Jon Loyte: Giants, FA Tryout. Boston Coll.:
  31. Jimmy Scheidler: Bowling Green: Sets up well as receiver. Fakes blocks well. Average speed.
  32. Jesson Salyards: Wyo.: H-back size. Catches well with hands.
  33. Leroy Banks: FA. So. Miss.: Below-average size and upper-body strength for the position. Good speed and athleticism. Training camp fodder. Was in Falcons minicamp, but cut mid-May.
  34. Derrick Catlett: Iowa St.: Slow, but with strong lower body. Fakes well to get into position. Great run blocker.
  35. Richard Gordon: Miami: Invisible during bowl game. A little short for a TE, but has good bulk. May be blocking TE at NFL level.
  36. Mickey Turner: Wis.: Invisible during bowl game. H-back size
  37. Remo Gay: Ark. Pine Bluff: A little slow, but tough to bring down.
  38. Kazeem Alli: Cincinnati: Short for a TE, but bulky enough. Size may be a benefit in getting blocking leverage. Able to pick his way to open zones.
  39. Johnathan Hannah: Tex. Southern: H-Back size and speed. Transferred from S. Car.
  40. Tommy Trott: Auburn: Suspect hands. H-back size.
  41. Joshua Szeluga: Mercyhurst: In Cactus Bowl. Played TE in college, though only has good WR size. Tough to bring down.
  42. Reed Cunningham: N. Ill.: Not used often in offense. Average TE size and good speed for the size. Tough runner. Suspect hands.
  43. Zack Marcum: Troy: Bad hands and concentration. Dropped at least 3 passes in bowl game.
  44. Luke Carlson: N. Mich.: Good size. Slightly below-average speed, quickness, and upper-body strength.
  45. Sam Wheeler: Va. Tech: Great size. Invisible or did not play during bowl game.
  46. Chris Joppru: Utah: Invisible during bowl game.
  47. Orlando Arnold: Wyo.: Invisible during bowl game.
  48. John Reese: Ore. St.: Invisible during bowl game
  49. Gene Delle Donne: Mid. Tenn. St.: H-back size. Invisible during bowl game.
  50. Casimir Piurowski: Fla. St.: TE size. Either did not play in bowl or was invisible.
  51. Matt Foradora: Clarion (Pa.): Invisible as receiver during ECB as well as Cactus Bowl. H-back size.
  52. Joe Sawyer: SW Okla. St.: Invisible during ECB
  53. Isaac Stockton: Chadron St.: Invisible in Cactus Bowl
  54. Jarrell NeSmith: Tusculum: Invisible in Cactus Bowl
  55. Pedro Sosa: Rochester: In D3 Senior Classic
  56. Brandon Richardson: Greensboro: In D3 Senior Classic
  57. Gabriel McKenzie: Auburn: Average size.
  58. Al Jackson: California (PA):
  59. Ben Wooster: Wake Forest:
  60. Jahmad Jordan: Ark. St.:
  61. Joseph Wielgat: West. Ill.: H-back bulk, but has frame to add pounds. Good speed for the size. Didn’t play football, but was a rugby player.
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