2010 NFL Draft QB Rankings, 21-94

  1. Levi Brown: Bills, 7th round. Troy: Good size. Streaky accuracy. Average arm strength and speed. Knows when to throw ball away. Athletic. 3/4 release and often pushes the ball rather than having complete arm motion. Good accuracy on move. Checks down to secondary receivers. In Texas vs. Nation practice, late on reads. In game, seemed nervous under pressure. Below-average touch deep. Locked on WR. Looks unwilling to run. Inconsistent release point led to some overthrows. May make team as 3rd QB, but doesn’t have NFL future.
  2. Tim Hiller: Colts, UDFA. W. Mich.: Great size. Some durability issues, but has played well with pain. Fairly accurate. OK mechanics, but could use some work. A statue QB who has OK pocket movement, but is not effective on the move. Works spread offense most of the time, but has a little experience under center. Said to be a student of the game. In Texas vs. Nation practice, showed below-average arm strength. Fairly accurate on short to medium routes. Indecisive and nervous under pressure. Adequate mobility. Checks down too often. Bad decisions and doesn’t read defenders well. Footwork looks good under center. Doesn’t place ball well on short touch passes. Very much like Curtis Painter on the Colts, and will battle him and Willy for last spot on team.
  3. Thaddeus Lewis: Rams, UDFA. Duke: Short, but has good bulk. In Texas vs. Nation practice, showed OK arm strength. Mechanics are very inconsistent, leading to inaccuracy at all levels. Forces ball when under pressure. In game, fairly accurate short. Fumbled. Good touch. Not likely to make Rams or any other NFL team.
  4. Isaiah “Juice” Williams: Bears, FA Tryout. Ill.: Slightly below-average height, but good bulk and speed for the position. Not likely to make team behind Cutler, Hanie, and LeFevour.
    1. Todd Reesing: Kan.: Measures at 5’10” tall. In Shrine Game practices, worked well outside pocket, but lacks size to be effective within pocket. Sets up well in pocket, though. Sub-par arm. Fairly accurate on run. Hesitant decision making. Deep ball floats too much. When on run, doesn’t keep eyes open for receiver. Very athletic and hard to catch. Sidearm delivery at times. Good play fakes.
  5. Tyler Sheehan: Texans, UDFA. Bowling Green: Average size. Lots of short hops during bowl game. Several bad decisions when pressured, but did well in the clutch. Stares down receivers. Inaccurate on the move and the pocket. Nice touch. Average windup. Steps into throws. Will compete with Booty for 3rd QB position, but probably won’t make it.
  6. Tim Buckley: Falcons, UDFA. Alcorn St.: Good arm and touch. Great speed. Average decision-making skills. Slow setup and delivery and a little inaccurate. Should compete with Shockley and Ward for 4th QB or practice-squad position. Could have a future on right team.
  7. AJ McKenna: Saints, UDFA. Albany St.: Good speed and great size. Good on the run. Productive at ECB, but showed poor pocket presence at HBCU Senior Bowl. 2009 SIAC MVP. Likely just a warm body for training camp, but may compete with Daniel for last QB spot. Likely cut.
  8. Greg Paulus: Saints, FA Tryout. Syracuse: Slightly below-average size. Average speed and athleticism. Starter in 2009 after transferring from Duke after graduation. Said to need work on reading defenses.
  9. Dennis Brown: Norfolk St.: Great size and speed. Good zip on throws. Good pocket presence — senses the rush and makes correct adjustments. Slow setup and long windup. Not very accurate.
  10. Dominic Randolph: FA. Holy Cross: Average size, speed and athleticism. Led FCS in total offense in 2009. Waived by Giants in early May, and worked out for UFL, but wasn’t signed. Signed by Giants in August as camp arm.
  11. Matt Grothe: Buccaneers, FA Tryout. S. Fla.: Below-average size. Average speed and athleticism. Shows pretty good escapability and can throw well on the run. DNP in bowl game — injured. CFL has shown interest.
  12. Daniel Raudabaugh: Bengals, FA Tryout. Miami (OH):
  13. Alex Brink: Jets, FA Tryout – 2009 draft class. Wash. St.:
  14. Donovan Porterie: Lions, FA Tryout. N.M.:
  15. Andrew Schmitt: Lions, FA Tryout. E. Mich.:
  16. Riley Skinner: Giants, UDFA. Wake Forest: Below-average height, athleticism and quickness, but has adequate bulk. Reportedly has good accuracy and decision making. Competing for practice-squad spot or potentially to replace Bomar as #3..
  17. Noah Shepard: Packers, UDFA. S. Dak.: Good size. Excellent upper-body strength. May beat Pizzotti as 3rd QB, but behind Rodgers and Flynn, not much of a future in Green Bay.
  18. Billy Cundiff: Bengals, UDFA. Ashland: Slightly below-average size. Average athleticism. Good upper-body strength.
  19. Rush “RJ” Archer: Vikings, UDFA. William & Mary: Average size. Above-average speed and athleticism. Deciding between baseball and football. Won’t beat Perilloux as 3rd QB.
  20. Eric Ward: Falcons, UDFA. Richmond: Was in Jets camp for tryout, but not signed. Then, signed with Falcons in early May.
  21. Casey Dick: Dolphins, FA Tryout. Ark.:
  22. Joe Cox: Ga.: In pro-style offense. Accurate on short and intermediate throws. Has good touch. Doesn’t have great arm strength. Has long windup. Not a pressure performer.
  23. Curtis Pulley: Fla. A&M: Great height, speed and athleticism. Thin build and needs to add muscle. At least adequate arm strength. Finalist for the Walter Payton Award that went to Armanti Edwards. Pretty good rushing numbers against top college competition. In HBCU Senior Game, but did not play. Long delivery and a little streaky with accuracy. Suspect decision making. Slight legal troubles in 2008. SF has shown interest. Have not seen.
  24. Chris Todd: Auburn: 3/4 release. Good size. No speed. Suspect mechanics — often throws leaning backward. Nice zip on medium throws, but inaccurate on many throws. Average arm strength.
  25. Joey Elliott: FA. Purdue: Average size. Good speed. Average athleticism. Was in Eagles camp, but waived in June.
  26. Jeff Donovan: Wis.-Whitewater: Accurate and poised, but has a weak arm. No zip on ball. Good runner with nice body control.
  27. Brett Hodges: Rutgers: Mediocre accuracy and decision making. OK under pressure and has good touch on deep passes.
  28. Tavitta Pritchard: Stanford: Good size with speed as runner. OK outside pocket, but generally very inaccurate. Throws often into coverage with wobbly passes.
  29. Carlton Fears: N.C. A&T: Good zip on ball, but inaccurate. As WR, showed good effort, but no separation.
  30. Theodis Scott: Ohio: Good runner. Bad decision-making. Inconsistent pocket presence. Inaccurate both inside and outside the pocket.
  31. Marcus Jackson: TCU: Slightly below-average size. Patient runner. Not the regular starter for the team.
  32. Billy Garza: Tex. A&M-Kingsville: Short but stocky Lorenzen type QB. No zip on passes. Wobbly throws. Below-average arm strength. Inaccurate most of the time, though showed some accuracy on the move. Weak downfield arm. Not a fast or strong runner, but is willing to throw body around. Locks onto receiver every throw. Moves well in pocket. Doesn’t read defenses very well. Inconsistent decision-making. Good timing on short routes. In Cactus Bowl, was game MVP. Just over 50% passing with 6YPA. Team’s 2nd-leading rusher. Game took place in his hometown, so take this with a grain of salt.
  33. Brad Iciek: Grand Valley St.: Three-time Harlan Hill finalist. Good running speed and vision. Handles ball well on play fakes. Consistent mechanics, but only average arm strength. Smart enough to throw ball away, but not accurate. In Cactus Bowl, had horrible numbers. On 14 attempts, had only 2 completions and 35 yards. Tends to get tunnel vision. Below-average size.
  34. Patrick Pinkney: E. Car.: Short for a QB. Has problems with mechanics and a very long windup. Slaps ball before every pass. Poor pocket presence. Inaccurate. Has a hard time throwing ball away. OK runner, though.
  35. Nick Graziano: Ark. Tech: Fair runner. Looks lost as passer. Erratic throwing motion, but tends to have good zip on medium throws. Suspect ball security. Ball tends to die past 30 yards. Bad pocket presence. In Cactus Bowl, had terrible numbers. Less than 50% passing and 2 YPA.
  36. Bryant Lee: Southern: Good height, but slight frame. Below-average speed. Walter Payton Award finalist. Inaccurate and makes bad decisions. Deep ball tends to float. Runs tough, but isn’t fast.
  37. Brandon Gantt: Newberry (SC): Very bad at ECB game, with 2 INTs in 8 attempts. Average size for QB. Have not seen.
  38. Kurt Rocco: Mount Union: Not pro quality. Very inaccurate and bad decision making.
  39. Tyler Huether: Clarion (PA): Mediocre ECB game — under 50% passing with an INT on 23 attempts, with only 5 YPA. Have not seen.
  40. Mackenzi Adams: Vanderbilt: Average size. Good speed. Excellent athleticism and quickness for the position. Said to have thrown the ball well at pro day. OK mechanics, but doesn’t have the strongest arm. Pretty good touch and timing at pro day.
  41. Blake Joseph: Sam Houston St.: Average size, speed, quickness, and athleticism. Terry Shea has been working with him.
  42. Grant Stucker: Colo. St.: Average size. Very good speed.
  43. Adam Shaffer: Miss. College: Slightly below-average size. Average speed and athleticism. Not quick.
  44. Corey Leonard: Ark. St.: Slightly below-average size.
  45. Antwon Young: Villanova: Good size. Said to be athletic, but very raw as a QB.
  46. Anthony Vita: Brown: Below-average size. Average speed and athleticism.
  47. Jake Christensen: E. Ill.: Slightly below-average size. Former transfer from Iowa. Average speed. Below-average athleticism.
  48. Cam Dantley: Syracuse: Started in 2008, but lost job to Greg Paulus in senior season. Great arm — threw 70 yards at pro day.
  49. Dan Whalen: Case Western: Slightly below-average size. Very good speed. Dolphins, Giants, Saints, and Bengals have shown interest, as has Calgary of the CFL.
  50. Brian Babin: SE La.: Very good size.
  51. Chris Turner: Maryland: Great size. Slow speed. Below-average upper-body strength.
  52. Pat Grace: N. Iowa:
  53. Matt Flynn : Gettysburg: In D3 Senior Classic
  54. Brandon Luczak: Kalamazoo: In D3 Senior Classic
  55. Ian Mitchell: Dickinson: In D3 Senior Classic
  56. Aaron Fanthorpe: N. Central (Ill.): In D3 Senior Classic
  57. Colton Hansen: Dubuque: In D3 Senior Classic
  58. Jeff Javorek: John Carroll: In D3 Senior Classic
  59. Dustin Sherer: Wis.: Not starter during bowl game.
  60. Mitch Mustain: USC: Not starter during bowl game.
  61. Ryan Colburn: Fresno State: Not starter during bowl game.
  62. Karsten Sween: Wyoming: Not starter during bowl game.
  63. Lyle Moevao: Ore. St.: Below-average size, but good bulk. DNP in bowl game or most of 2009 — injured.
  64. Franshaw Jackson: Ohio: DNP in bowl game — injured.
  65. Christian Ponder: Fla. St.: DNP in bowl game — injured all of 2009.
  66. Billy Tapp: Miss.: DNP in bowl game — injured. Great size.
  67. Jameel Sewell: Va.:
  68. Bradley George: Tex. St.: Great size. Above-average athleticism.
  69. Sebastian Trujillo: San Diego:
  70. Matt Hudson: Wabash College:
  71. Zack Asack: Duke:
  72. Andrew Krewatch: Indiana (PA):
  73. Freddie Harris: Cent. Okla.:
  74. Brandon Summers: Youngstown St.:
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