Ricardo Louis, WR, Auburn – 2016

Browns, Round 4.

Postseason events: NFL Combine and NFLPA Bowl.

Positives: Good height and weight for the position, with adequate hand size. Runs with good speed and above-average quickness. Accelerates well off the line. Runs adequate routes and is pretty quick into his breaks on out routes – and out of his breaks on double moves. Tracks fairly well over his inside shoulder. Nimble on sideline catches. Patient after the catch and will wait for blocks to develop. Above-average vertical leap for the position. Very good lower-body explosiveness in Combine drills. Above-average upper-body strength.

Negatives: Below-average hands and concentration on easy passes. Maybe contact shy – short-armed a pass over the middle in BCS championship 2014. Consistently hesitant on outside runs, and needs to learn to just head upfield instead of stretching get farther outside. Always seems slow to get started on end around runs. Needs to keep his feet to go after the ball. Needs to stay squared making breaks and will slip at times cutting up field. Not very strong and can be thrown around.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 7.

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