Pharoh Cooper, WR/KR/PR, South Carolina – 2016

Rams, Round 4. Declared early for the 2016 NFL Draft.

Postseason events: NFL Combine.

Positives: Above-average bulk for the position – built more like a running back. Runs with above-average speed. Adjusts his routes for off-target passes. Able to extend on sideline catches out of bounds. Tracks fairly well over his inside shoulder. Can catch on the move and scoop low passes, though that’s the exception rather than the rule with him. Fair downfield run blocker. Versatile, and was also the team’s wildcat quarterback. Above-average upper-body strength.

Negatives: Slightly below-average height for the position. Needs to get better depth on his routes for the first down. Below-average hands – tends to body catch and fight passes when he has to extend – a tendency that also showed up in the gauntlet drill at the Combine. Inconsistent concentration – can come down with very difficult contested passes or drop easy ones. Below-average tracking over his outside shoulder. Suspect open-field vision. Below-average ball security and will hold the ball loosely in one arm going through traffic. Below-average decisions as a punt returner and will field punts when he should fair catch. A lot of sideways motion on kick returns, and may be overly patient as a returner. Below-average track speed for the position. Poor vertical leap for the position, with a below-average broad jump.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 2, based on what I’ve heard. I didn’t see enough of him to give him more than a late-round grade.

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