DJ Foster, WR/RB, Arizona State – 2016

Postseason events: NFL Combine and was a midweek addition to the Senior Bowl.

Positives: Adequate bulk and hand size for the position. Versatile athlete who moved from running back to outside receiver in Spring 2015. Also used as a slot receiver. Runs with adequate game speed and track speed for the position. Is a sudden runner with quick feet and above-average quickness off the line. Above-average lateral quickness and can make defenders miss one-on-one. Has generally adequate hands, and tracks fairly well over his inside shoulder. Good effort for off-target passes and will lay out. Runs like a running back after the catch, with nice balance after contact. Strong enough to break multiple arm tackles on one play. Protects the ball fairly well high and tight through the line. Adequate vertical leap. Above-average ability to change directions with burst in Combine drills. Adequate upper-body strength.

Negatives: Below-average height for the position. Below-average concentration on passes at times and will turn upfield before securing the ball. Not much vision in the open field, and will run into defenders despite his quickness. Suspect balance while running and seems to fall down easily. Needs to attack the ball more in the air. Needs to explode more out of his breaks to get separation. Will sometimes jump for passes when he doesn’t need to. Poor lower-body explosiveness in Combine drills.

Projection: Round 7.

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