Devin Lucien, WR, Arizona State – 2016

Patriots, Round 7. Transferred from UCLA to Arizona State after he left the team in March 2015.

Postseason events: NFLPA Bowl.

Positives: Was a redshirt senior, so he doesn’t lack experience. Adequate height and good bulk for the position. Runs with above-average speed and acceleration. Above-average lateral quickness and open-field vision. Runs adequate routes, with enough quickness into and out of his breaks. Completes his comeback route to maintain separation. Fairly nimble and can get at least one foot down on sideline passes. Can hold the ball with a very big hit. Though his hands are lacking, he can extend at times – and looked a lot better in the 2015 bowl game. Above-average body control and can bring in passes thrown behind him while getting one foot inbounds. Above-average concentration when a hit is coming. Fair balance after contact and seems fairly nimble on the sidelines.

Negatives: Generally below-average hands, and tends to body catch. Needs to be more aware of the sideline, and only got one foot inbounds on a stationary pass. Head/neck injury in August 2014 and missed unknown amount of time.

Pre-Draft Projection: Undrafted free agent.

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