Demarcus Ayers, WR/KR/PR, Houston – 2016

Steelers, Round 7. Declared early for the 2016 NFL Draft.

Postseason events: NFL Combine.

Positives: Adequate hand size. Runs with above-average game speed and agility, which didn’t show in his Combine and pro day testing. Above-average balance after contact and above-average body control to twist for off-target passes. Fair concentration on contested passes in traffic. Can extend and highpoint passes at times, and seems to have reliable punt return fielding hands. Willing to go to the ground for low passes. Shows some patience on punt returns, waiting for blocks to develop. Adequate lower-body explosiveness for the position in Combine measurements.

Negatives: Short for the position, with below-average bulk. Runs a little bit off-balance. Goes down easily after contact. Inconsistent concentration, and will drop some easy passes. Has pretty consistent trouble extending for passes. Suspect hand/eye coordination, and passes hit his hands strangely – he also almost dropped a pitch play in the 2015 bowl game. A little slow to get going up field on end-around runs. Will sometimes jump for passes when he doesn’t need to or mistime his jumps. Generally poor downfield blocker who will try to cut block when he should try to stay on his feet. Makes consistently bad decisions as a punt or kick returner, and will often return from deep in the end zone or return punts from inside his 5-yard line. Poor track speed for the position. Below-average vertical leap.

Pre-Draft Projection: Undrafted free agent.

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