Chris Moore, WR/KR, Cincinnati – 2016

Ravens, Round 4.

Postseason events: NFL Combine and Senior Bowl.

Positives: Above-average height and weight for the position, with adequate hand size. Runs above-average routes and can find soft spots in zone coverage. Above-average body control, and adjusts fairly well to errant passes. Tracks passes well over both of his shoulders and over his head. Adequate downfield blocker. Will consistently win jump-ball situations. Seems to make smart decisions on kick returns. Very patient on kick returns. Adequate track speed for the position, with above-average quickness off the line. Above-average vertical leap. Good lower-body explosiveness in Combine drills. Above-average ability to change directions with burst in Combine drills.

Negatives: Below-average upper-body strength. Generally poor hands and concentration – he has the ability to catch with his hands at extension at times, but consistently drops some easy ones over the middle and drops too many where he has to extend. Runs a little bit out of control. Seems a little slow to get going. Will jump for passes when he doesn’t need to.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 7.

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