Chester Rogers, WR/PR, Grambling State-FCS – 2016

Colts, UDFA. Postseason events: Dream Bowl.

Positives: Runs adequate routes, and is pretty quick getting into his breaks. Generally good hands and concentration going over the middle of field. Above-average hands – gives good effort for off-target passes and can lay out for passes and still come down with them. Very nimble on the sidelines and can keep both feet down while falling out of bounds. Above-average vertical leap and can go up and snag the ball at its highest point. Adequate track speed. Above-average quickness side to side and when accelerating out of cuts in his pro day measurements. Adequate upper-body strength.

Negatives: Below-average height and bulk for the position, with below-average hand size. Doesn’t accelerate very quickly out of his breaks when running routes. Below-average broad jump at his pro day.

Projection: Undrafted free agent.

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