Devon Cajuste, WR, Stanford – 2016

Postseason events: NFL Combine and Shrine Game.

Positives: Was a redshirt senior, so he doesn’t lack experience. Very good height and great bulk for the position – has H-back size. Huge hands. Runs with adequate speed. He generally runs above-average routes and completes routes to get separation from defenders. Is willing to get physical with cornerbacks, and gets good positioning. Consistently good effort for off-target passes and will lay out to bring them in – he even dove for a sideline pass at the Combine. Good hands and extends to snag fast passes, and adjusts consistently well to passes thrown slightly behind him. Keeps his balance well after contact. Adequate vertical leap and lower-body explosiveness. Excellent ability to change directions with burst. Adequate upper-body strength. Runs with adequate track speed for his size.

Negatives: Not especially fast for the position. Lacks flexibility, and doesn’t bend well at the waist when adjusting to passes thrown farther behind him on the move.

Projection: Round 4.

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