Kelvin Taylor, RB, Florida – 2016

49ers, Round 6.

Postseason Events: NFL Combine.

Positives: He has adequate height and bulk for the position. He runs with adequate burst and high knees through the line to get away from arm tackles. He is also able to run with adequate power and above-average balance after contact. Though I didn’t see evidence of it in games, he showed adequate lateral quickness at his pro day measurements. He also has respectable bloodlines, as the son of former NFL running back Fred Taylor.

Negatives: He shows below-average cutback vision both behind the line and in the open field, and will sometimes run into his own blockers. He is easier to tackle before he breaks through the line, and he doesn’t seem strong enough to break arm tackles until he gets a head of steam. He is also a little hesitant through the line, and doesn’t take advantage of his burst. Generally below-average hands and concentration – drops easy once and also has some trouble extending far from his body. Sometimes runs off balance while he is making cuts. Has some trouble tracking over his outside shoulder. Small hands. Below-average track speed for the position. Below-average vertical leap and broad jump for the position. Below-average ability to change directions with burst in pro day measurements. Below-average upper-body strength.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 5. To me, he looks more like a free agent prospect, but I’m hearing a lot of people like him a lot more than I do. He does have the bloodline and enough athleticism to contribute, though.

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