JC Coleman, RB/KR, Virginia Tech – 2016

Postseason Events: Tropic Bowl.

Positives: He runs with above-average speed, quickness, and burst. Moves well laterally and is patient behind the line. Above average cutback vision. He shows the ability to run with power, getting low in short-yardage situations to get extra yards. He also runs with good body lean and is able to keep his balance with low contact. Generates adequate power when he churns through contact. Usually able to fall forward at the end of runs for extra yards. Generally above-average hands and can extend to snag fast passes away from frame.

Negatives: Below-average balance making cuts in slippery conditions, and he needs to keep his feet squared more in those conditions. He doesn’t churn consistently enough through contact. Though he generally has above-average hands, he will body catch at times and drop contested passes. Below-average decisions on kick returns, and he will bring the ball out from deep in the end zone. Below-average ball security through contact, and will hold it too loosely in one hand. Two sprained ankles in Summer 2013 and missed half of season.

Projection: Undrafted free agent. He has enough athleticism, power, and returner ability to contribute on an NFL team, but I don’t think he is much more than a part-time contributor.

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