Keenan Reynolds, RB/WR/QB, Navy – 2016

Ravens, Round 6.

Postseason Events: Shrine Game.

Positives: Though he was a quarterback in college, he runs like a running back, and scored a ridiculous number of touchdowns over the years. Has above-average speed for the position, and runs with quick feet and above-average burst and lateral quickness. Above-average patience and vision for the cutback. Pretty patient in the open field, but is also decisive as a runner. Has improved his decision-making in short-yardage situations since his early career. He protects the ball through the line and generally takes care of the ball well. Above-average leg drive in short-yardage situations, and will churn through contact well. Also caught a long pass in 2015 bowl game out of the quarterback position. Good vertical leap and adequate broad jump at pro day tests. Adequate upper-body strength.

Negatives: He ran the typical Navy triple-option offense as a quarterback – a position that doesn’t translate well to the NFL. He will almost definitely need to switch to another position in the pros. Is very short and slight for a quarterback and has slightly below-average height and bulk for a running back. Below-average hand size. Below-average ball security on the move and will hold the ball in one hand away from his body. Below-average accuracy on fade routes. Consistently waits until the last minute on pitch plays. Poor decisions as a quarterback on the move, and will consistently throw across his body into coverage. Below-average accuracy on the run. Below-average arm strength. Looks hesitant to throw the ball. Will throw it while fading backwards and short hop passes to his receivers. Will throw it into heavy coverage on deep passes. Will overthrow receivers on screen passes. Back tightness kept him out of Shrine Game.

Pre-Draft Projection: Undrafted free agent. He could have impact like Jerick McKinnon did with Vikings in 2015 – a former college quarterback who converted to running back for the NFL and had a lot of success doing so. But there are also a lot of former college quarterbacks who tried and failed to convert to running back in the pros. Plus, whatever team signs him will have to let him complete his Navy service requirements. But he is definitely worth keeping around.

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