Aaron Green, RB, TCU – 2016

Transferred from Nebraska to TCU for 2012 season.

Postseason Events: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Above-average height for the position. Has very good vision and a demonstrated ability to change directions in the open field. Fair vision for cutbacks and is decisive on goal-line plays. Good stop-and-start ability and lateral quickness, which also showed in his Combine and pro day workouts. He runs with above-average speed and burst. Above-average balance after contact. Good agility and can adjust to off target passes well, and can make moves in the open field after the catch. Above-average concentration on off-target passes and gets a lot of yards after the catch. Not easy to get a hold of in the open field. Switches his hands pretty smoothly in the open field. Protects the ball with both hands through traffic. Okay hands, but tends to body catch. Adequate upper-body strength. Above-average broad jump for the position.

Negatives: Slightly below-average bulk for the position, with a small hand size and short wingspan. Though his hands are generally adequate, he needs to learn to catch the ball away from his frame for more consistency. On outside runs, he sometimes seems to hesitate to turn upfield. Sometimes cuts runs inside that he should keep going outside. Generally poor routes and doesn’t set up defenders for his cuts – as a result, getting no separation from defenders. Below-average track speed for the position. Below-average vertical leap for the position.

Projection: Round 6. His excellent athleticism and quickness should make him a target for teams that want a returner and part-time running back to complement a power running game. If he gets coached up on his route running, he could be even more.

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