Jake Rudock, QB, Michigan – 2016

Lions, Round 6. Transferred from Iowa to Michigan for 2015 season.

Postseason Events: Shrine Game.

Positives: Was a redshirt senior and ran a pro-style offense at both of his schools – so he has a lot of experience in college at the type of offense the NFL likes. Above-average height for the position. Above-average hand size. Okay arm strength and velocity. Very good touch and accuracy on short passes, and his accuracy on intermediate routes, deep routes, and crossing routes seemed to have improved by the end of 2015. Throws very catchable short and medium passes. Above-average ability to change directions with burst in pro day measurements. Is able to step up in the pocket under outside pressure. Stands in under pressure to deliver a pass. Moves around fairly well in the pocket and shows above-average escapability. Will go through his progressions when he is given a lot of time in the pocket. Overhand release. Keeps eyes downfield outside the pocket. Adequate speed and is a willing runner who will lower his shoulder for extra yards at the goal line. Willing to throw the ball away. Keeps a solid base and his throwing motion. Willing to throw a block on running plays.

Negatives: He has a slim build for the position, with below-average bulk for his height. Generally showed below-average accuracy on intermediate, deep, and crossing routes in college – and underthrew receivers consistently – though he looked much improved by 2015. Below-average velocity and his deeper passes flutter. Below-average decisions under pressure, and will throw it directly to a defender. Eyeballs receivers pretty consistently. Holds the ball too long and needs to learn to throw the ball away under pressure. Sometimes needs to throw with less velocity on short passes. Though he can go through his progressions, he needs too much time for it. Below-average track speed, vertical leap and broad jump for the position. Poor lateral quickness in pro day measurements. Sprained his left AC joint in his shoulder in November 2015.

Pre-Draft Projection: Round 6. Has showing enough throughout his college career – and enough recent improvement – to be considered the potential backup at the next level. His decision-making and quick thinking need some work, so I see him as a developmental third quarterback.

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