Jake Coker, QB, Alabama – 2016

Cardinals, UDFA.

Transferred from Florida State to Alabama in January 2014.

Postseason Events: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Was a redshirt senior with 20 games running a prostyle offense in the tough SEC. Great height and bulk for the position, with above-average hand size. Above-average accuracy rolling out to the right or left and also has pretty nice accuracy and touch on deep passes. Shows patience and sees the field well when he has a clean pocket. Above-average arm strength. Willing to throw a block on outside running plays. Can buy some time in the pocket, but isn’t exactly elusive.

Negatives: Below-average intermediate accuracy and will throw behind receivers on crossing routes. Makes below-average decisions under pressure in the pocket, and will just consistently throw the ball up for grabs. Has to windup a lot to get the ball deep. Eyeballs receivers consistently, but especially in the red zone. Doesn’t step up in the pocket under outside pressure, and just continues to fade back. Also holds ball way too long when checkdown receivers are open. Needs to be more willing to check down in the red zone. Below-average anticipation, and needs to get rid of the ball. Had knee surgery in November 2013 and missed rest of season. Minor foot injury in August 2015. Had two screws put into his foot that were due to be removed in March 2016 – so he did not work out at his pro day.

Projection: Round 6. He wasn’t terrible in college even though he played in the toughest division in the NCAA. He should probably be at least a solid backup in the NFL.

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