Kendal Thompson, QB/WR, Utah – 2016

Former transfer from Oklahoma in 2014.

Positives: Was a redshirt senior who has a lot of experience at the position. He runs with above-average speed, agility, and quickness and also shows fair escapability in the pocket under pressure. He throws with above-average arm strength and also shows nice touch on intermediate routes. As a runner, though he has generally below-average ball security technique, he seems like he has strong hands that can hold the ball with hard contact. He was considered athletic enough by the Utah coaching staff that he also practiced at wide receiver beginning in November 2015, and showed adequate hands.

Negatives: In college in Oklahoma and Utah, though he operated the under center at times, he mostly ran a high-tempo spread offense, so he may not be ready for a pro offense right away. As a left-handed quarterback, it may be harder for him and a pro offense to adjust to each other. Inside the pocket, he shows some indecisiveness and will hold the ball too long — risking deep tackles for loss while running around. He also seems a little bit unwilling to pass over the middle of the field when he has an available checkdown receiver. Waits for receivers to get open before throwing the ball – showing a lack of anticipation that won’t work at the next level. He needs to learn to just throw the ball away at times. Below-average accuracy on timing routes and at all levels of the field. As a runner, he has below-average ball security technique and will hold the ball away from his body while taking on defenders. He also needs to learn to switch the ball from hand to hand on the run. As a receiver, even though his hands are adequate, he tends to body catch. He was arrested for public intoxication in May 2013. Broke his foot in Summer 2013 and was out until late September that year. He also injured his knee in November 2014, had surgery, and missed the rest of that season.

Projection: He will probably make it into an NFL camp at some point, and his athleticism is intriguing, but I don’t see an NFL future for him.

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