Travis Wilson, QB, Utah – 2016

Post-Season Events: NFLPA Bowl.

Positives: He has good enough height and great bulk for the position – built more like a running back or fullback. As an athlete, he is generally above-average. His track speed, game speed, and quickness as a runner are at least adequate, and showed an adequate vertical leap and general lower body explosiveness during his pro day testing. Also during his Pro day, showed above-average lateral quickness and change-of-direction ability. He seems willing to finish runs hard to get first-down yardage, and will stiffarm defenders or dive forward for extra yards. As a passer, throws with above-average velocity and adequate arm strength, and has enough touch to get passes over linebackers on intermediate routes. On the move, when he sets his feet, his accuracy is at least adequate.

Negatives: In college, he ran a high-tempo pistol offense with a lot of read-option plays, so he hasn’t been prepared for an NFL offense. One of the biggest concerns with him is medical. He had a concussion in November 2013, and a subsequent exam showed a life-threatening pre-existing brain artery condition that made him consider retiring. However, he was medically cleared in June 2014. Also, he was cited for underage drinking in July 2014. Then he sprained his left shoulder in September 2015 and missed a couple of weeks. His deep accuracy is below average. He will also often hold the ball too long under pressure, and needs to learn to throw it away. His vision and decision-making are limited, and he will eyeball his receivers often and seems to make decisions on who to throw to before the snap, and will miss better opportunities – especially when he is on the move. He doesn’t keep his eyes downfield when he’s running. Outside of the pocket, he generally shows below-average decision-making and accuracy – especially when he doesn’t set his feet to throw. Mechanically, he needs some work. He has a consistently long delivery, which often goes from three-quarter to sidearm. Inside the pocket, he is often hesitant and unsure of himself. His feet look skittish in the pocket and he will often leave the pocket when he doesn’t need to. In the pocket, he sets up with his feet too far apart and seldom keeps his base stable for throws. Even when he has time, he doesn’t square himself. Below-average throwing mechanics and will lean backwards and catapult the ball while throwing instead of following through. Consistently poor ball security on the move, and will hold the ball in one hand away from his body on the run even inside the pocket under pressure.

Projection: Undrafted free agent. I don’t see an NFL future for him, but he could see an invitation to training camp.

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