2016 Major League Football Draft

The history of alternative professional football leagues is pretty dire. The old USFL in the 1980s had some great players on their rosters, including some future NFL Hall-of-Famers, but they had no cash to pay their bills. The last semi-long-term one was the World League of American Football (NFL Europe/NFL Europa) in the ’90s and early 2000s, but they eventually folded after losing its backers around $30 million a season. The Vince McMahon-founded XFL of 2001 lost even more in its single season. And, of course, we all remember the United Football League (right?), which operated from 2009 through 2012, and ended up getting sued by former players and coaches for back pay.

The obvious common thread is money. Either the leagues were poorly operated or didn’t have enough capital to sustain itself through its initial years — or the audiences just didn’t care enough to pay for a ticket or to even sit on their couch and watch. It didn’t matter that the play on the field was actually pretty solid, and each of those leagues rostered NFL-level talent. People say they want year-round football, but they haven’t really shown it when it actually happens. Maybe there’s just no money to be made in spring football.

That said, the newest pro spring league is the Major League Football league, which just had its first draft. Again, there is some talent here, with a lot of guys who have spent time on NFL rosters — and a lot of guys I was surprised haven’t made it in the NFL (I’m looking at you, Lache Seastrunk, Dan LeFevour, Joe Hill, and Joe Adams). And it’s managed by people who should know what they’re doing, including former Bears GM Jerry Vainisi, San Diego Charger all-time great Wes Chandler, and Frank Murtha, who formed the first Arena League player union and is a Northwestern University professor of Sports Labor Relations and Negotiations.

I hope it works this time around. These players deserve a chance; I actually DO want year-round football; and there’s just too much talent out there that just doesn’t get a chance to develop in the jump from college to NFL.

Here’s the list of skill-position players in the 40-round draft:

Round Team Player Position College
06 Campo Partridge, Travis QB Missouri Western
35 Campo Marsh, Tanner QB Arkansas Tech
08 Campo Douglas, Chris RB Missouri State
30 Campo Oku, David RB Arkansas State
34 Campo Pierson, Tony RB Kansas
28 Campo Waters, Eric TE Missouri
31 Campo Luckett, Donatella WR Harding
33 Campo Moore, Martel WR Northern Illinois
38 Campo Richardson, Shjuan WR Emporia State
01 Campo Adams, Joe WR/KR Arkansas
07 Campo King, Nigel WR/KR Kansas
01 Collins Bonner, Chris QB Colo. St.-Pueblo
31 Collins Bane, Johnathan QB Dakota Wesleyan
02 Collins Hart, Dee RB Colorado State
13 Collins Hill, Joe RB Utah State
18 Collins Bauman, Zach RB Northern Arizona
38 Collins Marshall, Cameron RB Arizona State
07 Collins Sherlock, Jack TE South Dakota State
10 Collins Murphy, Jake TE Utah
22 Collins Mahina, Devin TE BYU
37 Collins Hannah, Carrington TE Sioux Falls
06 Collins Lewis, Andre WR Utah
12 Collins Borel, Diondre WR Utah
35 Collins Eboreime, Anthony WR Black Hill State
39 Collins Robinson, Chris WR Southern Utah
07 Cottrell Sokol, Cody QB Louisiana Tech
15 Cottrell Medlock, Jake QB Valdosta State
30 Cottrell Wallace, Keahn QB Johnson C. Smith
05 Cottrell Burkette, Rahsard QB/WR/RB Tuskegee University
04 Cottrell Johnson, Mario RB Georgia State
11 Cottrell Fannin, Mario RB Auburn
22 Cottrell Logan, Thomas TE Stillman College
01 Cottrell Belsterling, Taylor WR Huntingdon
18 Cottrell Shaw, James WR Alabama Jacksonville
23 Cottrell Williams, Chris WR Alabama Troy
26 Cottrell Browder, Philander WR Tuskegee
33 Cottrell Loper, Gabe WR/CB South Alabama
01 Ford Pachall, Casey QB TCU
02 Ford Seastrunk, Lache RB Baylor
21 Ford Hollimon Jr., Randall RB Houston
25 Ford Hill, Keshawn RB Sam Houston
27 Ford Frank, Terrance RB Texas State
05 Ford Clear, Cameron TE Texas A&M
36 Ford Jenkins, Jordan TE Texas A&M Commerce
17 Ford Roberts, Mark WR Lamar
29 Ford Woodland, Rodney WR Texas State
31 Ford Davis Jr., Mike WR Texas
37 Ford Johnson, Vernon WR Texas A&M Commerce
10 Geis Russell, Tyler QB Mississippi State
24 Geis German, Michael QB Tennessee State
31 Geis Hall, Darion RB Tennessee State
36 Geis Lane, Marlin RB Tennessee
04 Geis Leonard, A.C. TE Tennessee State
08 Geis Powell. Wesley TE Tusculum
19 Geis Borden, Steven TE Kentucky
16 Geis Mitchell, Ryan WR Tennessee State
20 Geis Lewis, Jameon WR Mississippi State
25 Geis Perkins, Chris WR Mid. Tennessee State
38 Geis Lewis, Terrance WR Alcorn State
01 Hall Garcia, Stephen QB South Carolina
16 Hall McDowell, Roderick RB Clemson
23 Hall Wallace, Johnathan RB Florida Atlantic
29 Hall Giles, Jarvis RB South Carolina
06 Hall Burton, Clay TE Florida
14 Hall Tukes, Justin TE Central Florida
17 Hall Haplea, Kevin TE Florida State
05 Hall Mitchell, Carlton WR South Florida
28 Hall Jean, Lestar WR Florida Atlantic
34 Hall Green, Christian WR Florida State
38 Hall McDonald, Tyler WR South Carolina State
01 Kirksey LeFevour, Dan QB Central Michigan
18 Kirksey Myers, Mark QB John Carroll
03 Kirksey Joyner, Felix RB Ohio State
08 Kirksey Hall, Jordon RB Ohio State
25 Kirksey Chisholm, Jawon RB Akron
32 Kirksey Brooks, Cartel RB Heidelberg University
06 Kirksey Butler, Deon TE Central Michigan
29 Kirksey Walker, Dallas TE Western Michigan
23 Kirksey Doe, Kenzel WR Wisconsin
33 Kirksey D’Arazio, Zach WR Akron
35 Kirksey Howard, Justin WR Wisconsin-Whitewater
36 Kirksey Jones, Tyler WR Tiffin University
37 Kirksey Sergio Judkins WR Grand Valley State
01 Miller Thomas, Darron QB Oregon
13 Miller Johnson, Shawn RB Montana State
18 Miller Callier, Jesse RB Washington
38 Miller Reyes, Christian RB College of Siskiyous
24 Miller Sloat, Taylor TE California-Davis
37 Miller Reece, John TE Oregon State
03 Miller Vaughn, Rahsaan WR University of Oregon
10 Miller Hatfield, Micah WR Oregon State
11 Miller Closs, Kasey WR Portland
16 Miller Carr, Jabari WR San Jose State
25 Miller Williams, LeKendrick WR Fresno State
27 Miller Clark, Ashton WR Eastern Washington
31 Miller Deadwiler, Marquise WR Humboldt State
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