Jake Waters, QB, Kansas State – 2015

Junior college transfer in 2013.

Positives: Is capable of nice touch as well as above-average velocity and can fit it through tight windows. Has the athleticism and speed to escape the pocket to one side. Knows when to throw the ball away on the run. Runs like a running back with good body lean. Above-average speed. Above-average quickness. Willing to slide as a runner.

Negatives: Height and weight are below average for the position. Uses his velocity inconsistently, and will float some passes that he should drive. Below-average touch on deep passes and throws with too low of a trajectory. Inconsistent accuracy, often causing his receivers to leave their feet. Below-average decision-making outside of the pocket, and will consistently throw across his body on the run. Long delivery. Inconsistent throwing mechanics, and will often throw passes sidearm or three-quarter, not step into his throws, and twist his body while throwing. Needs to learn to throw the ball away under pressure. Consistently poor pocket sense, and doesn’t seem to show much escapability when the pocket collapses. Below-average anticipation and will wait too long for receivers to get open. Holds the ball too long in the pocket and will take a lot of sacks. Injured shoulder in November 2014 and missed unknown amount of time. On pitch plays, he will sometimes toss them inaccurately.

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