Mario Alford, WR/KR, West Virginia – 2015

Positives: Runs with good speed for the position. Above-average acceleration and ability to stop and start. Above-average open field vision. Shows some ability to go up and catch passes at his highest point. Good acceleration after the catch. Is willing to take a knee on kickoffs.

Negatives: Short and slight for the position. Below-average hands in general and has trouble coming down with passes where he has to extend much – and he tends to let passes get to his body. Questionable concentration on easy passes in the end zone. Dances too much on kicks and punts – will sometimes lose yardage trying to dance around. Looks slightly contact shy. Will hesitate to take the ball out of the end zone at times on kick returns.

Projection: Round 7. His deep speed and return ability should land him on a final roster somewhere, and he should contribute immediately as a kick returner if nothing else.

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