Jon Davis, FB/TE, Illinois – 2015

Positives: Good height and bulk for a fullback. His game speed is adequate, but he showed above-average track speed for the position, and good for the size – maybe he can improve his game speed? Has adequate hands and generally above-average body control – can adjust fairly well to passes thrown behind him. Is also nimble on the sidelines and has good balance after contact. Fair open-field vision for extra yards and shows good effort after the catch. Has above-average balance when making cuts.  As a fullback, it is a fair blocker who seals out well. Blocks well on outside runs downfield.

Negatives: As a tight end, he’s more of an H-back size. Didn’t show much lateral or change-of-direction quickness. Below-average upper-body strength. As a fullback, he runs too upright and out of balance. Isn’t an overpowering blocker, and will be knocked backward on impact at times.

Projection: UDFA. He has the ball skills to be a factor in a passing game as a fullback, but he needs to work on his blocking to make a roster as either a fullback or tight end.

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