Venric Mark, RB/KR/PR/WR, West Texas A&M-D2 – 2015

Transferred from Northwestern in August 2014.

Positives: Though he is a smaller back, he is more physical than his size suggests. Runs with very good quickness, and has short, choppy steps that allow him to make quick moves. Has above-average vision in the open field, and is dangerous with the ball on the move. Slippery and hard to get a hand on. Though not strong enough to fight through arm tackles, he is tough and can take a hit. Has reliable hands as a returner. When running routes, he usually gets separation right off the bat.

Negatives: Below-average size, and lacks the strength to break through arm tackles. Seems to misjudge a lot of kicks. Injured leg in September 2013 and missed four weeks. Then broke left ankle in October 2013 and missed rest of season. Suspended from Northwestern for first two games of 2014 for team rule violation.

Projection: UDFA.

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