Terron Ward, RB/KR, Oregon State – 2015

Positives: Despite his lack of height, he has a solid build. Runs with above-average speed and quickness, and good ability to change direction. Above average cutback vision and is fairly decisive once he decides to cut upfield – is able to dig his foot in the ground and change directions quickly. Runs with good body lean through the line, enabling him to lower his shoulder and tunnel for yards in short-yardage situations. Churns through contact, and breaks arm tackles and consistently drives for extra yards. Surprisingly powerful for his size. Above-average balance after contact and has to be wrapped up to be brought down. Protects the ball well through the line in short yardage. Has above-average hands and can adjust well and hold the ball with the big hit. Elusive in the open field and is hard to get a hold of one-on-one. OK speed. Adequate upper-body strength. Fair pass blocker.

Negatives: Very short for the position, with below-average bulk. Tore the meniscus in his knee in November 2014 and missed a few weeks.

Projection: Round 7. Other than his lack of height, he has very few other flaws in his game. His ceiling is probably along the lines of a Jacquizz Rodgers or Dexter McCluster – not a ton of fantasy upside, but could fill a nice complementary role on a team.

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