Tyler Varga, RB/FB, Yale-FCS – 2015

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Good height and bulk for a halfback, and has huge hands. Runs with adequate game speed and burst for a running back – and good for a fullback – and his Pro Day measurements show he may be able to become faster. Fairly quick cuts and burst. Above-average balance after contact. Decisive behind the line, and is decisive to hole. Follows his blockers pretty well after screen pass. Above-average lateral quickness and cutback vision on inside runs. Okay routes. Above-average hands and can extend and adjust slightly. Runs pretty crisp routes, with above-average quickness. Is a very deceptive in his routes. Above-average hands. Above-average body control, and adjusts to errant passes well. Willing and adequate run blocker. Solid pass protector who maintains his leverage. Above-average upper-body strength.

Negatives: Slightly below-average height and bulk for a fullback. Below-average balance making cuts. Below-average power. In the open field, he seems indecisive, and will dance around too much. Below-average ball security. Short arms. Didn’t work out at Combine due to bone spur, but was ready for his Pro Day.

Projection: Round 6. The fact that he can fill in as either a running back or fullback makes it likely that he’ll find and stick on a roster.

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