Maurice Lewis, RB, Winston-Salem State-D2 – 2015

All-Star Games: Last-day addition to the Dream Bowl.

Positives: Adequate height for the position. Above-average cutback vision, lateral quickness, speed, and change-of-direction quickness. Elusive in the open field, and has good open-field vision. Patient and sets up blockers. Adequate power, though he needs to keep his feet moving. Keeps his balance fairly well after contact. Solid run blocker when he can just plow ahead.

Negatives: Below-average bulk for the position. Sometimes is too hesitant on inside runs. Suspect ball security when making moves, and he doesn’t always keep the ball tucked. Below-average hands and concentration, and will turn upfield before securing ball. Below-average balance making big cuts. Seems to be too easy to knock off of his feet as a pass protector. Leans into contact rather than driving through.

Projection: UDFA. He should be able to get into some team’s minicamp at least. Maybe longer.

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