Mark Weisman, FB, Iowa – 2015

Transferred from Air Force Academy in 2014.

Positives: Good height and great bulk for a running back, and good enough for a fullback. Runs with adequate speed and burst for his size and position. He also has pretty quick feet for his size and some agility and lateral quickness – this makes him just elusive enough. Keeps legs moving after contact. He runs strong and gets low to finish runs on the sidelines. Keeps his legs moving after contact for extra yards. Generates above-average power once he gets going. Protects ball well through the line. Above-average body control on off target passes. Strong run blocker and fairly tenacious.

Negatives: His lack of acceleration behind the line limits his momentum and power in most situations. Doesn’t really even try to change directions all that much, and will generally just try to plow through defenders.

Projection: UDFA. He should at least make it into a training camp and compete for one of the few fullback positions open in the league.

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