Nick Marshall, CB/QB, Auburn – 2015

Has transferred from Georgia to community college to Auburn over his career.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Is an athletic quarterback who started college as a cornerback at Georgia, but transferred to community college and became a quarterback before transferring to Auburn in 2013. Throws with above-average deep accuracy and hits receivers in stride down the seam. Above-average arm strength. Runs like a running back, and shows good balance after contact. Not easy to bring down after contact, and can complete passes with defenders draped around him. Consistently makes the first tackler miss. Adequate hand size.

Negatives: Has said he will move to cornerback for the NFL Draft. Slightly below-average height and bulk for the QB position. Makes very risky decisions under pressure in the pocket and will just chuck it up with a defender draped around him. Late to pull the trigger in the red zone. Will double-clutch often. Below-average throwing mechanics on the move, and doesn’t set his feet to throw. Consistently throws off of his back foot. Below-average accuracy on intermediate passes and down the seam. Tends to throw high, especially down the seam. Needs better touch and accuracy on fade routes. Needs to learn when to throw with touch. Below-average ball security technique on the run and will hold the ball away from his body under pressure. Below-average balance making cuts. Injured his knee in September 2013 and missed a couple of weeks. Fined for marijuana possession in July 2014.

Projection: As a quarterback, he’s a potential late-rounder or UDFA with long-term upside.

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