Devin Funchess, WR/TE, Michigan – 2015

Junior who has declared for the 2015 NFL draft.

Positives: Has excellent height and bulk for a wide receiver, and H-back size. His speed is adequate for his size as a wide receiver, and above average for a tight end. Is quick off the line and has good acceleration to get up to top speed surprisingly quickly for his size. Is able to get physical with cornerbacks to get inside positioning in his routes. Completes his comeback routes and is quick out of his breaks. Though his hands are a little too inconsistent, he does show some hand-eye coordination and ability to extend for passes away from his frame. Above-average body control and can twist in the air to come down with off-target passes. Good effort on off-target passes. Has some versatility, and moved from tight end to wide receiver for 2014 season – during his career he lined up both in-line and out wide.

Negatives: Generally inconsistent hands and concentration – especially on contested passes. He also bobbles too many easy passes. At times, he will just let the ball come to him instead of attacking it in the air. Though his routes are generally adequate, he gives inconsistent effort and will round too many of them off. Will short-arm passes at times when he knows a hit is coming. Merely adequate as a downfield blocker and he sometimes looks a little bit lost out there or doesn’t give good enough effort.

Projection: Round 3. He has the size and athleticism you would want in a wide receiver but not the consistent ball skills. He doesn’t have the blocking skills you would want in a full-time tight end. Right now, he looks like strictly a move tight end, but, if he improves his blocking greatly or improves his ball skills, he could turn into a weapon and an easy mismatch.

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