Breshad Perriman, WR, Central Florida – 2015

Junior who has declared for the 2015 NFL draft. Son of Brett Perriman, former NFL wide receiver.

Positives: Has above-average height and bulk for the position. Has an excellent size-to-speed ratio, with good speed and above-average explosiveness that makes him difficult to cover. He runs adequate routes and gets pretty good inside positioning on slant patterns. He also uses his hands well to get separation from press coverage at the line. Has very good hands and concentration, and consistently catches with his hands instead of letting the ball get to his body – even in traffic when a hit is coming. Tracks passes well enough over his inside shoulder. Above-average body control and adjusts consistently well to passes thrown behind him and is nimble enough to come down with passes on the sideline. Shields passes from the defender with his body. Willing to dive for the ball even when he knows a hit is coming. Fair concentration on passes in traffic. He has strong hands and he can hold onto the ball with a big hit as well as when defenders are trying to strip the ball from him. Shifty after the catch. Though his downfield blocking is inconsistent, he is able to maintain blocks when he latches on. Above-average hand size.

Negatives: Looks like he has some trouble coming up with low passes. Isn’t especially crisp in his cuts, though he gets away with it due to his size and strength. Hamstring issues kept him out of Combine drills. Sometimes mistimes his jumps on contested passes. Suspect ball security technique running through traffic. Has occasional lapses in concentration on easy passes. Inconsistent downfield blocker.

Projection: Round 1. He has pretty much everything you want in a top wide receiver – size, speed, explosiveness, and shiftiness, and his deficiencies seem easily correctable. Definitely one of the top three or four wide receivers in this class.

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