Jahwan Edwards, RB/KR, Ball State – 2015

Positives: Strong build with above-average bulk for the height and position. Runs with adequate speed and burst for his size. He is very patient behind the line and follows his blockers well. He shows above-average lateral quickness and cutback vision between the tackles. Fair open field vision and has the lateral quickness that makes him hard to get a hold of in the open field. Pretty good balance and power after contact – keeps legs churning well through contact. Finishes runs pretty tough and is usually strong enough to fall forward for extra yards. Seemed to trust his instincts more by his junior season, and became more creative. Generally above-average hands and can extend well. Fair ball security and protects the ball well through the line. Seems to have pretty strong hands and can maintain possession while defenders try to strip the ball.

Negatives: Slightly below-average height for the position. Seems to take him a long time to get going behind the line. He isn’t as instinctive of a runner on outside runs and he seems to have a hard time deciding when to cut up field. Though he isn’t easy to bring down one-on-one, he is not a pile pusher. Unreliable pass blocker – lunges and misses when he sees a defender, and tends to pick the wrong guy to block on blitzes. Seems to have a hard time setting his feet as a pass protector and consistently finds himself of position. Below-average kick return fielding decisions and let a ball bounce in front of him that was recovered by the other team. Inconsistent concentration as a receiver, and he will turn upfield before securing the pass. Coming off hamstring issues in 2015 offseason.

Projection: Round 6. Though he has some deficiencies – especially as a pass protector – he has a good enough all-around skill set to contribute to a roster as a part-time running back and special teamer.

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