Tevin Coleman, RB, Indiana – 2015

Junior who has declared for the 2015 NFL draft.

Positives: Good height for the position. Is a one-cut-and-go runner who is best on inside runs but can also be very effective outside. He runs with good speed – very good speed for his size. Also shows above-average burst, ability to change directions, and lateral quickness. Shows pretty good cutback vision and has a nice jump cut to find open running lanes. Seems pretty decisive behind the line and doesn’t waste a lot of time before heading downfield. Runs with good body lean through the line and churns well, pushing defenders back. Shows some agility in the open and uses his blockers well down the field. Fights pretty hard for extra yards and keeps churning his legs all the way to the ground. Good effort and balance after contact and is able to keep his feet when defenders hit him high. Shows pretty good ball security technique during runs and usually holds the ball high and tight. Okay hands and is able to extend pretty well. Is a willing pass blocker.

Negatives: Though he has good height for the position, he is built more like a wide receiver, with below-average bulk for the height and position. Looks a little slow to get going behind the line. He drags his feet a little too much through the line and needs to run with higher knees through traffic. Is a long strider who doesn’t seem to have very quick feet. Has some trouble making big cuts and changes of direction. Though he holds the ball securely during his runs, he needs to learn to cover up when he is going to the ground – he lost several fumbles fighting for yards. Though he is a willing pass blocker and he will get caught flat-footed and lunging at defenders. Has a bit of an injury history. Missed end of 2013 season with ankle injury. Foot surgery in December 2014 and wasn’t ready by the Combine.

Projection: Round 2. If you are looking for a big back with speed and athleticism, I would pick Coleman over Todd Gurley, but that doesn’t seem to be the consensus. Needs a little work on pass protecting, but, overall, he is a better all-around back than Gurley.

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