Javorius “Buck” Allen, RB, Southern California – 2015

Redshirt junior who has declared for the 2015 NFL Draft.

Positives: Has great height and good bulk for the position – built almost like a fullback. Has adequate track speed for the position, and above-average for a runner of his size. Runs patiently and waits for blocks to develop behind the line, showing adequate cutback vision. Is a fairly athletic runner with above-average lateral quickness and ability to sidestep tacklers in the open field. He also runs with adequate power and churns through contact fairly well for extra yards – usually falling forward after contact. He also runs tough, and doesn’t seem to want to go out of bounds at the end of plays. Is also a very experienced receiver with above-average hands. Has the agility, body control, and coordination to be able to extend and highpoint passes and adjust to passes thrown behind him. He has a lot of experience and understanding of pass protection. Though his ball security technique is below average, he at least knows to switch hands to the outside on sideline runs. Showed some versatility in college by being the team’s wildcat quarterback.

Negatives: Although he shows fair lateral quickness, it takes him a while to change course on the move – below-average overall quickness. And though he has enough cutback vision, he seems indecisive behind the line and even in the hole, missing some opportunities to accelerate through. Has below-average ball security and will hold the ball loosely even when he knows a hit is coming. Runs a little bit upright, and looks like he’d be much stronger with better body lean.

Projection: Round 5. Though he has more athleticism than you might expect from a bigger back, he isn’t very dynamic. But he does have a nice combination of receiving, running, and pass-protection skills that give him a lot of value at the next level. Expect him to be a solid contributor. Might also be a nice fill-in at fullback for a West Coast team.

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