David Cobb, RB, Minnesota – 2015

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Good height and bulk for the position, with adequate hand size. Above-average speed and power, breaking several arm tackles on a single play. Good balance after contact. Patient behind the line and in the open field, following his blockers fairly well after the catch and being decisive as he makes his cuts. Shows above-average lateral quickness and a nice jump cut behind the line to find running lanes. Also runs pretty tough, with high knees. He churns his legs well through contact and in short-yardage situations to gain extra yards and push the pile. Has pretty quick feet and can make people miss in the open field, but is more often a slasher who will just make slight changes in angle instead of big jump cuts. Fair agility, with an effective spin move in the open field and for extra yards off of contact. Shows generally above-average hands, concentration, and coordination as a receiver – extends well, will lay out, and can come down with well-covered passes. As a pass blocker, can at least step up to meet and cut defenders. Protects the ball with both hands when a hit is coming.

Negatives: Below-average acceleration and speed when running routes. A little hesitant behind the line. Below-average vision for cutbacks both behind the line and in the open field, where he will run into contact. As a slashing-style runner, he also shows below-average ability to make big changes in direction, lacking balance making big cuts, and often slipping. Lacks creativity as a runner. Doesn’t accelerate well after contact. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated consistently below-average ball security technique when running through the line. He also is not an effective pass blocker – he consistently misjudges his position, lunges at defenders while cut blocking, or getting stood up, missing defenders or putting himself off balance. Isn’t very aggressive as a blocker and gets caught flat-footed, easily losing his base when he should rise up to meet defenders in the pocket. Injured quadriceps and sat out his March 2015 pro day.

Projection: Round 5. He has a lot of nice qualities as a runner and receiver, and could be a big part of a committee approach. A lot of his deficiencies are in pass protection, though, which will limit him off the bat. If he improves in that area, he has a chance to be more of a workhorse back.

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