Senorise Perry, RB, Louisville

Bears, UDFA. Came in as a tryout in rookie minicamp, but the Bears signed him afterward.

Positives: Good height for the position. Though his game speed is only adequate, he has good track speed for the position. Finishes runs with power and pops defenders back. Runs with adequate speed. Keeps legs churning after contact. Keeps balance very well, even in the rain. Strong lower body. Above-average vertical leap. OK hands. Adequate pass blocker.

Negatives: Below-average bulk for the position and the height, and looks like he’s built more like a wide receiver. To take advantage of his speed potential, he needs to be more decisive. He also isn’t very creative. Runs too upright behind the line and he needs to get lower to be able to push through first wave of traffic. Below-average acceleration and ability to change directions. Below-average upper-body strength. Injured his knee in 2012 and missed end of season.

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