Beau Blankenship, RB, Ohio

UDFA. Was signed by the Jaguars after a May tryout but cut in July. He has some running skills, but doesn’t do anything especially well enough to matter in fantasy leagues. May make an NFL team through special teams.

Positives: Above-average power on straight-ahead runs and is able to churn through contact. Adequate speed. Has quick feet that should make it easier for him to change directions. Above-average burst. Is usually decisive. Though deficient at it, he seems like a willing pass blocker. Protects the ball through the first wave of defenders. Fair balance after contact and gives good effort for extra yards.

Negatives: One-speed runner with little elusiveness. Isn’t easily able to balance himself after contact from the side. Poor pass blocker and is easily knocked off his feet. Though he’s usually decisive, he looks unsure on short-yardage runs – when decisiveness matters. Below-average hands – has trouble adjusting and tends to let passes get to his body. Lowers his head through the line and tends to miss cutback opportunities.

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