“Philly” Corey Brown, WR, Ohio State

Panthers, UDFA.

Positives: Adequate hand size. Good hands and can snag off-target passes. Above-average quickness and acceleration. Nimble and can extend very well. Consistently spins for more yards. Fights through contact. Above-average balance after contact. Adjusts fairly well to off-target passes.

Negatives: Slightly below-average height and below average bulk for the position. Below-average track speed for his size and for the position. Below-average ball security. Makes too many risky punt return decisions and he seems to misjudge punt trajectory at times, resulting in fumbles. Suspect tracking over his outside shoulder. Suspect balance making cuts. Below-average lateral quickness and ability to change directions in Combine drills. Below-average vertical leap.

Projection: Going to a team with very little established WR talent helps him a lot. He still comes into the team as probably the sixth WR, and has a lot of work to do if he wants to stick on the roster. Even with an optimal situation, his best bet is probably on a practice squad somewhere. Has the hands and speed to be able to contribute, but I don’t see him being a fantasy factor anytime soon.

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