Devin Street, WR, Pittsburgh

Cowboys, Round 5. With his size, hands, and route-running ability, I’m a little surprised he went this late in the draft. It’s an OK situation for him, with only Dez Bryant definitely ahead of him. Terrance Williams is their other young, talented, productive wide receiver, but Street should be able to supplant him or at least take a large amount of the WR rotation.

Positives: Very good height and adequate bulk for the position. Adequate hand size. Generally good hands and can extend very well. Strong after the catch and is hard to bring down. Fights hard for yards. Above-average speed for his size. Crisp routes. Holds ball with hit. Adjusts fairly well to passes over his outside shoulder. Generally above-average vertical leap, lower body explosiveness, lateral quickness, and ability to change directions in Combine testing.

Negatives: Though he has nice size overall, he has a slim build. Charged with assault in November 2012. Ankle injury in November 2013, and didn’t play in bowl game. Seems to be a little slow off the line and has build-up speed.

Projection: Before the draft, I expected him to have maybe WR2 potential by year two, and that hasn’t really changed with this selection. Draft in Round 2 or 3 of dynasty rookie drafts with those expectations.

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