Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina State

Lions, Round 1. Was pretty much the consensus top tight end in the draft for months, and was fully expected to go in the first round, and probably to the Lions. So everything fell into place. Ebron’s athleticism and speed are what will make him successful in the NFL. If the Lions coaching staff is able to increase his effort and focus, he may be very successful. But he joins a Lions team that already has Brandon Pettigrew and Joseph Fauria at the position. And with other, more pressing, headcases to coddle, he may not get quite the help he needs to be in the top five at the position in the NFL. He’s better than any of their tight ends, though, but that’s still a lot of mouths to feed at one position.

Positives: Adequate height and bulk. Above-average hand size. Good hands and extends very well. Very agile and moves well in the open field. Fight hard for extra yards and will sacrifice his body. Often split out wide in college and has experience running routes. Above-average routes and quickness, and gets good positioning against defenders. Good track speed for the position. Adequate upper body strength. Strong downfield blocker.

Negatives: Inconsistent hands, and has some lapses in concentration. Also has some trouble coming down with contested passes. His effort seems lacking at times. As an in-line blocker, he can be pushed back fairly easily. Suspended from 2011 bowl game for academic reasons.

Projection: Likely to start right away, and is worth a 1st-round dynasty rookie draft pick. Expect TE2 numbers off the bat, with top-five potential by year two.

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2 Responses to Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina State

  1. K Forest says:

    great write up – thanks – lots of weapons in DET now, Mega, Tate, Pettigrew, Fauria, Bush, Bell and now Ebron

    • Thanks! And, yep, the Lions are even more dangerous now. And with Bridgewater in Minnesota now, every team in the NFC North is building offensive firepower. 2014 should be fun!

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