Colt Lyerla, TE, Oregon

UDFA. Was a junior. Picked up by the Packers as a UDFA but tore his MCL and PCL and was released in August. As an athlete, he’s nearly at the level of Eric Ebron, but it’s the major red flags that made him drop out of the draft, and that seemed to follow him into the pros. If he ever gets his act together, he’s one of the top three or four tight ends in the draft. Before the injury, he was worth a second-round pick in dynasty rookie drafts. Even after being released, he was worth a late flier. After his latest arrest, I won’t trust him to stay on a team unless he’s given a year of clean track record.

Positives: Runs strong after the catch. Okay size. Good body control and adjusts well to errant passes. Good effort on off-target passes, and is willing to go to ground to get low passes. Great hand size. Good track speed for the position and size. Willing run blocker. Good vertical leap and lower body explosiveness.

Negatives: Slightly below-average height and bulk for the position. Inconsistent hands and will double clutch. Though he’s a willing run blocker, he’s not a very strong one. Major character red flags. Suspended by team one game in September 2013 and then abruptly left team for personal reasons. Was arrested in October 2013 for cocaine possession and use. Was offered a drug program to avoid jail time, but declined. Claimed that, while looking for colleges, one Oregon booster offered his family a car, which was never delivered. After being cut from the Packers, he was arrested for a DUI. Poor concentration, and drops many easy passes because he doesn’t look them into his hands. Fairly weak upper body.

Projection: Has TE1 potential once he comes back from injury in 2015.

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