Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State

Packers, Round 2. Was a sophomore. I fully expected him to go in Round 2 as around the eighth WR taken, and that’s where he went. I didn’t expect him to go to the Packers, though, but he has to be happy to land in such a perfect place. The offense is stacked and he has a top-3 QB throwing to him.

Positives: Above-average height and good bulk for the position. Adequate hand size. Good vertical leap and lower body explosiveness. Above-average ability to change directions in Combine drills. Runs with adequate speed and his feet are quick, giving him a clean release off the line. Shows above-average hands and body control, and can usually adjust well to off-target passes. Has quick hands that can snag fast, off-target passes. Highpoints passes well, and consistently wins in jump-ball situations. Fair concentration on contested passes. Follows his blockers well after the catch. Good balance and effort after the catch and contact. Is an adequate, though not powerful, downfield blocker. Willing to lower his shoulder to deliver a hit on the sidelines instead of just ducking out of bounds. Will often slip the first tackler or break tackle. Adequate upper body strength.

Negatives: below-average track speed for the position and for his size. Below-average lateral quickness in Combine drills. Though he did well on contested passes in college, that seemed to be just a result of his size — in the NFL, he will need to attack the ball in the air more consistently. Seems to double-clutch receptions often. Though he has the off-the-line quickness to get open for quick passes, he isn’t a polished route runner. Though he’s an adequate downfield blocker, he isn’t a very physical one.

Projection: Expect WR2 numbers from him right away, with a WR1 ceiling (though not likely to be dominant because of all the weapons on the team and the actual presence of a running game, too. Draft in the top half of the first round in dynasty rookie drafts.

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