Brelan Chancellor, WR/KR/PR, North Texas

UDFA. Signed by Chargers as UDFA but was released in August. I think he could be pretty successful in the NFL — for whatever team he ends up on — with a WR4 ceiling.

Positives: Though small for the position, he is well built. Runs with above-average speed and quickness. Good acceleration off of the line and after the catch. Is able to stop his momentum and restart well with nice burst. Above-average balance after contact, and runs tough for his size. Slippery after the catch and isn’t easy to bring down despite his lack of size. Fairly nimble on catches near the sidelines. Above-average body control and adjusts well to off-target passes. Can highpoint passes well. Patient, though bordering on hesitant, with the ball in his hands. Even so, he has the acceleration to make up for his hesitation when he sees a seam. Comes back to a quarterback during scramble drills.

Negatives: Short for the position, with slightly below-average bulk. Inconsistent hands as a returner. Is hesitant at times on kick returns. 

Projection: He has enough talent to be a contributor in the NFL, but probably not fantasy relevant. No need to draft, but don’t be surprised if his name shows up in stat sheets down the line as a returner.

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