Odell Beckham, Jr., WR/KR/PR, Louisiana State

Giants, Round 1. There was little surprise about where he went in the draft. He was generally considered the third-best WR in the draft and the Giants needed a WR to pair with Cruz and Randle. He also gives them a nice option at punt returner.

Positives: adequate bulk for the position. Above-average hand size. Above-average vertical leap and general lower body explosiveness. Very good lateral quickness and excellent ability to change directions in Combine drills. Runs with above-average speed and quickness and changes directions well. Difficult to get a hand on in the open field. Pretty good route runner who gets good inside positioning on slant patterns right off the line. Has good, strong and quick hands and is able to extend to snag passes away from his frame. Also has the concentration to be able to make the one-hand catch. Gives good effort on errant passes and will dive and go to ground for the reception. Above-average balance after contact and isn’t afraid to get physical with defenders. Good sense of where the first-down marker is. Works back to quarterback in trouble. Reliable PR hands – even under pressure. Heads upfield quickly on returns and has good vision that lets him pick his way through traffic. Willing downfield blocker. Tracks well over his outside shoulder.

Negatives: Very weak upper body. Slightly below-average height for the position. Runs a little out of control at times and will lose his balance making cuts with the ball in his hand. Makes consistently risky decisions as a punt returner and will try to field and return a ball on a bounce in traffic.

Projection: Expect him to put up immediate WR2 numbers and potentially low WR1 numbers by year two – if Eli Manning’s skills don’t completely fall off the cliff. He’s worth a top-five pick in dynasty rookie drafts.

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