Jarvis Landry, WR, Louisiana State

Dolphins, Round 2. Was a junior. I was lower on Landry than most before the draft, ranking him as the 15th-best WR available. He went as the 12th WR. But being the 12th WR taken in this draft class is a feather in his cap. He goes to a Dolphins team that has Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline as the leading receivers, and he should line up with them right away.

Positives: above-average bulk for his height and the position. Solid build. Great hand size. Runs with above-average speed. Shows above-average routes, running smoothly and crisply, getting positioning on cornerbacks well. Generally good hands, and can extend for passes away from his frame. Shows fair effort on off-target passes and will go to the ground for the catch. Has quick feet and is dangerous after the catch. Runs tough after the catch and isn’t afraid of contact. When contact happens, he is able to regain balance easily. Gets upfield quickly after catching the ball. Above-average run blocker who is willing to get physical and sacrifice his body.

Negatives: slightly below-average height for the position. Has a hard time with press coverage. Below-average focus – will try to make one-handed catch when it isn’t necessary or will turn upfield to get yards before securing the pass. On contested passes, he needs to be more aggressive and fight for the ball. Below-average ball security. Though he’s a willing blocker, he needs work on his technique and strength, and seems to be easy to push back. Below-average upper body strength. Poor track speed, vertical leap and general lower body explosiveness in Combine testing due to tight hamstring.

Projection: If they use him out of the slot, he should be super-effective since he won’t have to deal with press coverage. But the team’s general offensive mediocrity will probably hold him back for a while. Draft as a WR4 with WR2 upside.

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