Terrance West, RB, Towson: FCS Division

Browns, Round 3. Was a junior. I expected him to go in Round 4 – which would have been pretty amazing for an underclass FCS running back anyway – but he goes even earlier. On the Browns, he should be a solid contributor in a committee approach with Ben Tate and has the power and enough quickness and speed to be an effective workhorse runner in the NFL if he’s needed.

Positives: Good bulk for the position. Adequate hand size. Runs with adequate speed and quickness. Above-average burst, and surprising for his size. Has above-average cutback vision behind the line and in the open field, and is patient, waiting for blocks to develop. Good balance, and the changes directions well even in the snow. Runs with good power and leg drive, churning very well through contact. Will usually break at least one tackle per run and drag tacklers forward for extra yards – usually can’t be brought down by one person. At the end the runs on the sidelines, he seems unwilling to go out of bounds, and will lower his shoulders to drive through defensive backs for extra yards. Decisive and doesn’t waste much motion going sideways. Is always moving forward even when he is making moves – and he moves well laterally post behind the line and in the open field. Good effort on off target passes and has adequate hands. Highly productive at the FCS level, and he ran for 2400 yards in 2013.

Negatives: Slightly below-average height for the position. Below-average upper body strength. Though he was dominant in 2013, it was against a lower level of competition.

Projection: If he works on his blocking and his route running, he could develop into a high RB2. Worth drafting in dynasty rookie leagues in the 2nd round as an immediate RB3 with RB2 potential.

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