Garrett Gilbert, QB, Southern Methodist

Rams, Round 6. Transferred from Texas for 2012 season. Was released by Rams in August and put on their practice squad. Has enough experience, accuracy, and arm strength to be a capable backup in the NFL and probably not be a liability if he had to start at times. He will need to improve some slight mechanical flaws and his decision-making to be anything more than that, though.

Positives: Throws with above-average arm strength and adequate velocity. Above-average accuracy on deep patterns and pretty good accuracy in general when he has a clean pocket to stand in. Knows how to vary his velocity, and has enough confidence in his arm that he can fit passes into tight windows with either velocity or touch. Nice touch on intermediate passes. Willing to throw the ball away. Fair pocket sense and is able to step up in the pocket to avoid outside pressure and deliver passes. Adequate speed. Willing to run and is physical. Good play fakes. Has experience with spread, run-and-shoot and pro-style systems, so he should be mentally ready for an NFL offense.

Negatives: His accuracy can be streaky, and he shows below-average accuracy on the move. He also often seems to try to aim the ball rather than throw it. Locks onto receivers consistently and will miss open reads. Generally poor red-zone decisions. Indecisive and he tends to hold the ball too long, missing opportunities and double-clutching often. Also misfires on short passes. On the move, he will throw across his body at times. Often throws falling backwards, losing velocity. Suspect blitz recognition.

Projection: Not worth drafting in fantasy, but is a name worth remembering depending in what situation he finds himself in.

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